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What is deep sleep and how to get it?

deep sleep

We often get so busy with our work schedule that we compromise on one of the very important parts of our healthy routine which is sleep. An individual needs a sufficient amount of sleep for the proper functioning of his body. From bad memory to bad metabolism to serious issues like heart problems, all can stem from the lack of sleep.

So in this article we will tell you all about what is deep sleep and suggest some ways following which you can achieve the deep sleep conditions. Getting deeper sleep is extremely important and the faster you accept that and put it to practice the better it is.

What is deep sleep?

There is a technical name for deep sleep and it is slow wave sleep. Basically this is a condition where the brain shows the slowest of frequencies of 0.5-2 Hz . This is the deepest stage of your sleep and it is usually attained in the later parts of your sleep.

It is so important that if you do not get enough deep sleep, even eight long hours of restless sleeping will make you feel tired and sleepy. In this state your body only performs the very essential functions required to be alive but apart from that it is a state of physical paralysis. This phase does not have rapid eye movement sleep and usually any form of bodily movement is absent. People often are mistaken into thinking that this stage leads to a lot of dreaming. However, few dreams actually take place when one is in deep sleep.

Functions of deep sleep: Most of the repair work in your body goes around in this period of sleep. It is also in deep sleep that the body produces significant does of growth hormone so deep sleep also helps you in muscle growth in your body.  If one is constantly deprived of this state of deep sleep he has chances of having insomnia and many other health problems like dysfunctional insulin secretion. Basically, it is absolutely important for the proper functioning of your body.

10 Effective ways on how to get deep sleep?

1. Food is important for deep sleep:ed:



Oatmeal is one of the best foods that can be consumed before going to bed. Its major advantage is that it will keep you full throughout the night. This happens because oatmeal is digested slowly. In addition, it has good carbohydrates that stimulate serotonin production to keep your mood happy. Thus, a bowl of oatmeal can enhance your night sleep.


Some individuals have a problem sleeping because their body does not produce melatonin hormone in the right amount. This hormone is responsible for your sleep. Thus, a good night’s sleep may be possible if one has the right amount of melatonin. This is possible by consuming chickpeas that are not only tasty to eat, but can also provide vitamin B6 to your body. Vitamin B6 can further provide melatonin to you. Having some chickpeas can ensure continuous sleep at night.

Honey in warm milk

woman with honey

An effective natural way to gain good sleep is to put some honey in warm milk and consume this drink before going to bed. Full of calcium, milk also provides amino acids like tryptophan to you. Thus, it is a healthy drink to support sleep. Honey is also a valuable addition, as it relaxes your mind and muscles. This combination of honey and milk can act like a sleep medication.

Sleep-inducing tea

While milk and honey helps you to sleep well, there is another effective drink that is tea. There are certain types of it that can induce efficient sleep, even in stressed out individuals. People finding it difficult to fall sleep can rely on tea. Some types of tea that may be consumed before sleeping include chamomile, herbal, and peppermint.


Bananas are great sources of sleep hormones

Bananas are great sources of sleep hormones such as melatonin and tryptophan. So you can make it a practice to eat a banana every day before going to bed to ensure that you get deep sleep. If you are wondering how to get deep sleep, you can also try the time tested solution of a glass of warm milk before going to bed.

Food and Drinks to Avoid

Never drink coffee or tea before going to bed, because caffeine is a substance that disrupts sleep. Therefore, avoid tea and coffee in the later part of the day. Coming to the foods, intake of spicy foods hamper the sleep quality. The foods that we eat during the day have a great impact on our night sleep. Therefore, you figure out that what is it that you eat in the day and it disrupts your sleep in the night, once you figure out that particular food, just stop consuming it or consume in lesser quantity. Try to avoid foods high in sugar, as they make you agitated, which will obstruct your sound sleep.

2. Get yourself the right pillow:

You can’t write without your pen and you cannot sleep without a pillow. It is important however that the pillow you find is the right one for you. Getting deeper sleep is a lot easier if you get yourself a rectangular shaped pillow which has a depression at the centre. The pillow you use should not be too hard or too high so get yourself a comfortable soft pillow. Many people are allergic to certain materials and fabric. So do make sure that the pillow you pick is allergy tested for you.

3. Have a routine:

practice of yoga or meditation Now that you know what is deep sleep, try getting one with the right routine. Our body adapts very fast to a set routine and so some habits may be artificially created to signal to your brain that is time to sleep. It could be simply a practice of yoga or meditation that you do every night before going to bed. This will make sure that every time you start with these activities your body gets the hint that it is time to shut down. Don’t engage in any activity post this session and hit the bed.

4. A hot bath:

A hot if taken about 90 to 120 minutes before hitting the bed will show what is deep sleep. It calms your nerves and helps you relax. It also helps the overall circulation in your body. These prepare you for a deep sleep session ahead and will ensure you have a comfortable and deep sleep to rejuvenate yourself.

5. Get comfortable clothing:

Get comfortable clothingIf you want to experience what is deep sleep, get the right clothing for yourself while you sleep. It is not the best of ideas to sleep without any clothes and a very comfortable pajama might be just the right attire. Pick one that has a good fabric and feels good against your skin. Comfort is very important while you try to get a deep sleep so keep this in mind.

6. Keep the pets away:

We have nothing against your pets but a key to getting deeper sleep is to keep them outside your bedroom. A large percentage of dogs and cats snore and also their movements around the room are likely to be a problem for a deep and sound sleep.

7. Paint bedrooms in nice colors:

Paint bedrooms in nice colors
A bedroom must have a very soothing color to it so ensure you get one. The walls are usually the last thing you stare at before drifting off to sleep. So they might as well be colors that have a calming effect on you. Avoid unnecessarily dark colors in the bedrooms and choose them carefully.

8. Keep the room clean:

A clean room will always provide you that zone where you can comfortably take a nap. So if deep sleep is what you are looking for, ensure that the room is clean and tidy.

9. Listen to book on tape:

Listen to book on tapeRemember how you drifted off to sleep as a child while listening to bedtime stories. It will have the same impact if you listen to a book on tape before sleeping. Just stay clear of horror stories and thrillers because they might just take your sleep away.

10. Reduce blue light exposure during bedtime:

Exposure to light during bedtime affects your circadian rhythm. It reduces melatonin production which disturbs your sleep. Blue light emitted from electronic devices is the worst in this case. Stop checking your computers or smart phones while at bed. You can install an app to block blue light emitted from smartphone or other digital devices.

Final words

You probably always knew that sleep is important but now after this read, you know how to get the perfect deep sleep which will help you function much better in life. You do not want to be stuck with a lack of sleep or a rapid eye movement sleep. So follow these simple procedures and enjoy the blissful sleep where you reenergize yourself and perform better in life.

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