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Hospital accreditation is an oft-used term in global healthcare where a hospital has to comply with standardized benchmarks on varied parameters to ensure the desired treatment outcomes, patient safety, and well-being. This rigorous process ensures […]

A Guide to Hospital Accreditation in Global Healthcare by Dr. Prem - Meaning, Types, Importance, Features, Benefits, Challenges, and More

<![CDATA[Recently I was invited to visit Neusoft Medical. Founded in 1998, the China based Neusoft Medical Systems Co. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of sophisticated medical equipment and deliverer of services.

During my last visit to Shanghai I had the pleasure of making acquaintance with the officials of Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co. Ltd, which is involved with manufacturing innovative medical equipment and providing medical IT

Dr Prem, the world renowned speaker, trainer, and chartered consultant will be conducting a two day Medical Tourism Training & Certificate Program in Mumbai, India. This program will be organized by Constellation Communications & Events,

Dr Prem to conduct Medical Tourism Training

Global Health Reforms and its Importance DR. PREM     OCT 3, 2012 Economic downturn, lack of human resources, increase in affluent disorders, ageing population, fragmented healthcare system, commercialization of healthcare and growing healthcare frauds are

Global healthcare challenges

  Some articles by Dr Prem Global Healthcare Reform Healthcare Outsourcing – Tactical Management in Healthcare industry Anti-Globalization Healthy Travel – Medical Tourism in Middle East : TTG Mena by Dr Prem Medical Malpractice in

<![CDATA[ Women’s Health and Sexual Health Special issue <http://healthfirstmagazine.com/issue/hns> of Health First Magazine provide insight on Women’s Health & Fitness with tips and guidance from Healthcare Professionals. Sexual Health segment focus on both importance and

<![CDATA[ Thailand Surrogacy – A Better Choice Than India. Ifyou are reading this article, you have undoubtedly researched surrogacy and have exhausted your efforts in finding a good place to do surrogacy. Have you ever

<![CDATA[ $6m for Sydney medical research centre. Neuroscience research in Sydney has been given a $6 million boost as part of the NSW government’s capital works program announced in Tuesday’s budget.   The money, which

<![CDATA[   Sep 29, 2006 – Supporting the stance of Shetty Dr Prem Jagyasi Director Business Development and Marketing on behalf of Jebel Ali Hospital says In recent years the private hospital have played an essential complementary role to public hospitals

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