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Present day life is too busy for you to focus on anything other than your work and particularly your health.  Your health seems to be the most neglected part of your life and most of the times the diet part is compromised.  Whether it is the need to rush early to office or late working hours or anything else, the most important part that suffers is your diet and ultimately your health.

While it is important to work, achieve success and struggle for all other aspirations, it is necessary to pay attention to your diet. It often happens that you tend to eat whatever is available in how much ever quantities. This is partly due to long hours of work without breaks and improper planning of diet and nutrition. When you are working so hard for yourself, you need to make sure that you do not succumb to unhealthy food as it can affect your health.

The blood type diet has been formulated by Peter D’Adama, a naturopathic physician in his book called ‘Eat Right 4 Your Type’. D’Adama claims that following a diet based on blood type is a very important factor that leads to good health. There is a dist


Calcium helps to keep our teeth and bones healthy and strong apart from playing an important role in the functioning of many other systems of the body. Lack of calcium can lead to serious health concerns and diseases like osteoporosis. Calcium requirement

Best sources of calcium for the elderly

Apple is one of the most nutritious fruits and is considered as a powerhouse of vitamins and antioxidants. The beverages made from apples like apple juice and apple cider are considered nutritious and good for health. However, the question people generall

Apple juice

Vegan diets have been embraced on a large scale worldwide. It is no longer a fad but a diet which has been proven to be eco friendly and good for the body. As it eschews

diet can be responsible for itchy butt

Do you start your every morning with abdominal pain and irregular bowel? Then, check on, you must be suffering from IBS i.e. Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It is a medical condition, which affects the large intestine

7 Diet tips to keep IBS in control

Gluten intolerance, you might have come across this word multiple times in your lifetime; and may have rewarded to be a cunning mistress, since it’s a part of many of our day to day food


There is a heightened attention that is paid nowadays to the health and physique and rightly so in the wake of so many lifestyle diseases. Diet is a very important part of your plans of

including Omega-3 and other essential fatty acids in diet

Got the hungry pangs again; yes, it’s a real thing now – hunger plus angry make the very suitable ‘hangry’ when you’re just dying of hunger and there’s nothing to eat. It’s neither lunch nor

Fruit smoothie

Bread is a food of flavored nutrients and it always continues to be the basis of our daily diet. Today, with increasing health consciousness, most of the people are giving priority to their health and

Brown Bread and White Bread

As there are a majority of people who travel in airplanes from one place to another, there is a risk of food allergy during their air travel. Allergic reactions or airplane food allergy attack are

Airplane food allergy attack
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