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Food is not our foe but friend that keeps us kicking. Dieting often reverses this fact. We need to understand that diets don’t help in weight loss programs on a long-term basis. 95% people on […]

Young beautiful girl with fruit and cake in her hands.

Obesity is one of the biggest problems faced today that many people are at risk of. At a very early age, even kids are a victim of this dreaded disease. In today’s world, where unhealthy

Guide on best way to lose weight- circadian diet, tips

Promotion of a particular brand of food product and so called health drinks using the charisma and the rising popularity of celebrities has been a common marketing strategy to push up the sales number for

Nutritional facts can sometimes be frustratingly difficult to understand. Fats are either good or bad for you. Some say caffeine is not good while others say that caffeine can work wonders for you. So whom


Every individual is different and our bodies react to various kinds of food in a different manner. Computer algorithms have been devised by scientists which study the eating habits of individuals and study how their

The first thing most of us would opt for on a hot summer day is a bottle of soda. While a lot has already been advocated about the disastrous health effects of drinking soda, we

Much has been said about the ill effects of obesity but there is more to the story than meets bare eyes. People who are obese as a general rule look older than their natural age.

Gone are the days when people used to actually get things done the hard way. This includes losing weight, which was mostly accomplished with regular diets and exercises. Losing weight has nowadays become a fad

We are living in a modern world, where we have so many things for our entertainment and knowledge. Nowadays, children spend most of their time in front of television, computers, laptops, and other electronic media.

Having a proper body weight is essential not just to make you look beautiful but it also reflects the overall general wellbeing and physical fitness of an individual. While many of us try to lose

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