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Global Healthcare Insurance Guide and Articles by Drprem.com insights on to opt for right health insurance that covers all treatment in India and globally.

<![CDATA[The White House is celebrating the 6th Anniversary of Obamacare this year. This would be a powerful rebuff against the fault finding castigators who forewarned the enterprise would be a flop. They even launched multiple lawsuits with […]

<![CDATA[When it comes to purchasing medical coverage for one or more chronic illnesses, one will have to take several pointers into consideration. Choosing the right plan is very important in this case as individuals with

opt for the best health insurance plan

<![CDATA[Illness in the family can result in exorbitant expenses. Health insurance is one of the best ways to fight a medical calamity in the family. It helps you get insured against a number of ailments.


<![CDATA[The changed life style of the people around has had adverse effect on their health. Not only is there an increase in various lifestyle related health problems, but also that the uncertainly in life because

health insurance of the family

<![CDATA[Health insurance in Europe has a tendency to confuse people, in actualization of the benefits and the points that one needs to be careful about. The European Health insurance card has also stemmed confusion in

European Health Insurance Card

Underwriting is essential with many prominent medical insurance plans. Insurance underwriting is about the process used by an insurance company to find out whether the prospective client is eligible or not to receive the coverage


More and more people are realizing the need to have a medical insurance policy to make provisions for financial support. As the health awareness and the need for medical insurance has increased, medical insurance has

Plan Ahead for Emergencies

After having an idea about the various ways in which medical insurance works and the various documents that are important from the insurance point of view, it is essential to know the procedure of filing


Understanding your health insurance plan and their guidelines is very essential. Further to that, whenever there is a need for a medical service, you can follow those guidelines and obtain the benefits. There are different


SOAP note or form is a way in which the doctor’s document patient complaints along with other relevant medical details and kept as a record for future reference. This is considered as a very important

Stopping Medical Mistakes
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