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Breakfast is the most essential meal that keeps you energetic and lively throughout the day. Nobody needs more energy than children, they have to stay active at school, perform well in studies as well as […]

Healthy and tasty breakfast recipes for your kids

Osteoporosis is a condition that causes the bones in the body to deteriorate. As the bones become more brittle and fragile with age, the chances of suffering from fractures also increase considerably. Thankfully, there are

body ache

I doubt if there is any home where food is not reheated. Obviously, you do not want to throw away food after you invested your time in preparing it and money in buying it. Reheating

Common foods you should never reheat

Believe us when we say that there really isn’t any short cut to losing weight. If you are serious about shedding those extra kilos around your waistline, you would need to start eating right and

Proper hair care and a good diet can pave your way for the beautiful long hair you’ve always wanted. When you eat right, you will notice some good changes in the body.

healthy food regimen is your roadmap to beautiful hair

While you are busy doing various activities of the day, you often hear those unwanted noises from the stomach. You might feel embarrassed about it sometimes, but it is a sign that you have to


Males might sometimes feel the need to enhance their testosterone production to veer away from possible problems. Certainly high level of testosterone improves the manliness developing the overall health. For men who want to lead


The food makes or breaks the health of a person. Taking care of food we eat is essential, especially when one is not healthy. When in disease, it is necessary to eat right to maintain

battle with Crohn’s diesease

Piling your plate with food does not mean that you are having healthy food. Variety of foods is available in the market and it is important to make sure that the food you are choosing


Meats are extremely rich sources of proteins but they are fattening as well. This calls for their exclusion from our diet but we always fear to do so because we know that their elimination means

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