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The secret of a glowing skin is very simple. The more you detoxify your skin, the more beautiful it will become. You are never safe from harmful chemicals, cosmetics, dust, smoke etc. All of them […]

detoxify your skin using natural remedies

Electronic skin (or e-skin,) developed by scientists of University of Colorado Boulder adds a new dimension to self-care, enabling a wider range of applications in prosthetics and biomedicine. This fully recyclable self-healing e-skin, the first

Electronic skin leapfrogs biomedicine

A popular concept about skin care is more water you drink better is your skin health. Everyone desires to have a glowing skin. Models of the glam world swear by excessive water intake to maintain their


Pores on the skin, especially the face can be off-putting. The pores are small and they shouldn’t be showing, but in some of us, these are really noticeable. There is no real remedy besides seeing

Pores Look Smaller (3)

We all want our skin to be perfect and flawless. This comes throughappropriate care of the skin. This may not always be possible due to your hectic schedules.Multiple activities at home and at work leave

Protect your Skin

You look at some girl passing by, admire her looks and wonder whatever she does to get that smoking hot look. Every time you crave for the same or even more sex appeal in you

Cute Young Adult Woman with closed eyes and perfect straight head

Simply put, bacne is the term for acne that develops on the back. Like the face, neck and chest areas, the back contains a sizeable amount of oil glands that can attract sweat dirt and

War Against bacne (2)

We all like to look stunning always, as it fills us with a sense of pride and happiness. However, some or the other skin problem keeps interfering with this dream of ours. One such trouble

Inner Thighs Care

There are some skin care steps that should not be skipped at any cost. Doing so will only land you in a heap of skin related problems. Here are four such skin care steps that

Skincare Tips Teens 1

Acne breakouts are annoying and the ugly marks they leave behind are all the more frustrating and stubborn. They just do not seem to go away, no matter how hard you try putting all sorts

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