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You fail to provide your feet the care and hygiene they demand, and all you get are dry and cracked feet. You so hate that look and it make you grumpy. There is no need […]

feet get rid of ugly dead skin

With wide assortment of beauty myths, it gets hard to make out what is true and what is not. Myths are supposed to be debunked but you will be surprised to know that some of

Self-tan or the fake tan gives your body a nice color and prevents your skin from harmful sunrays and sunburn. However, there aren’t just good things about self tan but a good deal of bad

Unwanted body hair is often the reason why you cannot decide what to wear. Unlike your friends, who wear sleeveless tops and short dresses, you always opt for longer sleeves and jeans or hide behind

Ingrown hair

Skin products you use hoping they will make your skin look fabulous. However, not all skin products are healthy as they contain harmful chemicals, or a bad combination of ingredients. Some beauty ingredients do not

Wrinkle – a sign associated with aging that dreads so many people. As a sign of aging, it appears much before while some people’s skin show wrinkles at a much later stage in their life.

Dry skin

Some women literally dread bikini wax because it is painful just like waxing in other parts of your body pain. However, if some skin care regimen and other basic tips are followed, you can make

While pregnancy is a major cause responsible for stretch marks but it is surely not the only cause, as stress, severe gain or loss of weight, and heredity also play a major role in their

Celebs have an easy access to excellent beauty products and treatments, after all beauty means everything in their profession. However, some celebs choose not those high-quality beauty products but some weird and obnoxious products and

Only a few things we can term as the “cure-alls” and coconut oil is a heavyweight in the list. From beauty benefits to health benefits, there is hardly anything that coconut oil cannot do. It

Coconut can be a miracle worker for your beauty regimen
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