Freakishly weird celeb beauty routines you won’t dare to follow

Celebs have an easy access to excellent beauty products and treatments, after all beauty means everything in their profession. However, some celebs choose not those high-quality beauty products but some weird and obnoxious products and beauty treatments that we common people cannot even dare to try. Here is a rundown of some highly disgusting beauty secrets reveled by some celebs:

The Bird Poop Facial

The Bird Poop Facial

Do not doubt you eyes, as they have read it right, a bird poop facial that uses bird poop as its main ingredient. Oh, please do not feel pukish just by reading about it, as some celebs have been using this weird facial to get real glow on their face. Victoria and David Beckham both love getting this facial, wherein the face is covered with bird droppings. It is quite an expensive facial and consumes Nightingale droppings at large.

Exfoliate with kitty litter

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Exfoliating skin is important but not using such sick products. Snooki in an interview revealed her distrust in expensive beauty products. She googled for some inexpensive beauty products and found cat litter to be a great option. She uses kitty litter for exfoliating her skin and says it leaves skin soft and glowing.

The Leech Therapy

Bloodsucker medical isolated on a white background

Demi Moore takes pride in endorsing yet another disgusting beauty therapy, i.e. the leech therapy. During an interview, she revealed leech therapy is an ultimate beauty therapy that makes her look healthy and younger. Leeches detoxify your blood, thus, leaving you in good health. Although leeches used in this therapy are not those from the swamps but are trained medical leeches, still the treatment sounds pathetic.

Semen Therapy

Semen Therapy

Heather Locklear has found a new and obnoxious anti-aging formula for her skin – semen. Such a gross beauty secret this is, as in how people could go this far to rejuvenate their skin. She looks half her age and when reporters asked her about her beauty secret, she very seriously answered that one should apply serum on face. Well, if this is her true beauty secret, no matter how disgusting it is but it makes her look younger than she is.

Placenta cream

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Placenta face creams is all the rage amongst many celebs ho believe it prevents wrinkles and helps maintain their skin health. Katie Holmes is one of the celebs who love to use a placenta cream, as it gives collagen production a boost in their skin that keeps those fine lines and wrinkles away and make it glow a lot. Other celebs who endorse placenta cream’s usage are Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria.

Hemorrhoid cream

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Back in 2000, Sandra Bullock happened to pick a very unique and a freaky beauty secret, i.e. to use hemorrhoid cream under eyes. She believes and takes pride while endorsing the true skin benefits of a butt cream. She says its application under eyes soothes fine lines and wrinkles. Celebs can literally do anything but we common people cannot, or else be ready for the funny and a disturbing effect a butt cream can leave on your face.

A Facelift Tape

Young girl applying cream on face , skincare

More popular for crazy outfits and shocking stage performances than her real talent, Lady Gaga to no surprise has a weird beauty secret to share. She uses a facelift tape at the end of the day to take that rigid makeup off her face.

Celebs are under enormous pressure to look gorgeous and handsome at all times of a day. This pressure sometimes makes some celebs choose filthy and disgusting beauty treatments for themselves, which we common people would never even dare to try.

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