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There are many ways to lose weight. People opt for different ways due to differences in their mindset. Diet, pills, supplements, exercise, and surgery are some of the primary ways to lose weight. People all […]

Guide on best way to lose weight- circadian diet, tips

Obesity is one of the biggest problems faced today that many people are at risk of. At a very early age, even kids are a victim of this dreaded disease. In today’s world, where unhealthy

Guide on best way to lose weight- circadian diet, tips

Most of us already agree that our whole weight loss agenda revolves around exercising more and eating less. However, we often tend to sabotage our efforts by satisfying those intense and uncontrollable desires for certain


If you’re suffering from a stiff neck, aching joints, sore fingers, aching hips, you’re not alone. You are just one of thousands who suffer from joint pain. Having healthy joints is vitally important to be


Although exercise can help you look and feel better, many people decide that it’s not for them. Seduced by the convenience of modern living and the high prevalence of desk jobs, they prefer a sedentary

When you want to upgrade your mind, body, and lifestyle, there are many products out there like Shilajit. This mineral product has much to offer to anyone who uses it on a regular basis. Whether

Snoring can be quite an embarrassing problem for you as well as your partner. It has led to the breakup of many a marriage and relationship as well. A person who snores loudly could also

Much has been said about the ill effects of obesity but there is more to the story than meets bare eyes. People who are obese as a general rule look older than their natural age.

In today’s busy world, our body has to suffer a lot. We don’t have any time for workouts and rest. After a hectic schedule, it becomes vital to rest for a while, but we cannot

Junk food seems to be the tastiest food in the world, and when you are on a diet or you are desperate to lose weight, the junk food is the one that attracts you the

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