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Freezing Hunger Nerve And Weight Loss Go Hand In Hand!


Most of us already agree that our whole weight loss agenda revolves around exercising more and eating less. However, we often tend to sabotage our efforts by satisfying those intense and uncontrollable desires for certain high-fat food. A statistical analysis declared that out of 200 million people who are looking forward to a substantial weight loss, only about 10 % succeed in their weight loss regimen. In an effort to improve these odds, a proof of concept study was carried out by the American team of scientists, which predicted the direct association between freezing hunger nerve and weight loss. The study further clarified that the hunger nerve present at the posterior of the central nervous system is responsible for sending information from the brain- related to which food we wish to have!


Scientists are now claiming that switching off the hunger nerve to reduce food craving is the latest development in weight loss issues. In this regards, researchers are hoping to treat patients, who are mild to moderately obese, by freezing the hunger nerve and reducing the attrition, which can promote rapid weight loss. The procedure involves insertion of a small needle through the back of the patient. The entire procedure is guided by imaging technology.  Scientists proved the direct association between freezing hunger nerve and weight loss.

The hunger nerves, scientifically identified as the posterior vagal trunk, is then frozen with the help of an argon gas at a cryo-temperature.

Also, apart from freezing hunger nerve and weight loss, investigations could also pinpoint various other weight loss knockouts which have to be considered!



The thyroid is an important organ, which regulates the energy utilization of our body. If your thyroid is not active, your metabolism will get sluggish, leading to extreme weight gain. Statistics state that almost 10% adults, especially women in developed countries, are suffering from hypothyroidism. So, if you are suffering from unexplained fatigue, hair loss, dry skin, joint as well as muscle pain and heavy period; then it could be hypothyroidism that is coming in the way of your weight loss. If in this case, you really wish to know how to lose weight, you are advised to go to endocrinologist first.

Sleep deprivation

Recent studies shared that apart from freezing hunger nerve and weight loss, women who are sleep deprived also face difficulties in losing weight due to increased Cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone, which when excessively secreted, stimulate hunger nerve to be more active and increase cravings.

Thus, if you are battling your life between exercise, diet. and weight loss, please stick to a magic mantra of seven hours shut-eye!

Skipping breakfast


In order to understand the importance of breakfast, compare your metabolism with a car. If the car lacks diesel, it won’t run, Nor will your metabolism without breakfast! Your morning meal should give a kick-start to your metabolism so that it can digest all the junk you are adding to your stomach in the later part of a day. So, the latest development on the weight loss issue is to eat your healthy cereal breakfast immediately within one hour after waking up.

Your steroids are to blame


If you are taking hormonal supplements or steroids as a treatment for your thyroid, hormonal problems, birth control, etc. then they can be one of the reasons for your unusual weight gain. So, if you are really worried about your increasing weight gain and suspecting that your steroidal supplements could be one of the many reasons, you can speak to your doctor and ask for an alternative.

Apart from freezing hunger nerve and weight loss, you simply have to be more vigilant and balanced about the food you eat and exercise you do!

Thus, if you really want to know how to lose weight, you have to reduce your craving for food, which can be achieved through some of the precautions as follows:

  • Drink lot of water
  • Emphasize on more protein diet
  • Plan your meal
  • Exercise
  • Avoid stress
  • Get enough sleep

Thus, with healthy modifications in eating pattern and freezing hunger nerve, one can experience better results through weight loss regimen.

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