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Weight Loss

Punching at a boxing bag at home is one of the best workouts to lose weight. It will keep you fit as it uses every part of the body. The added bonus is you get […]

Boxing training at home

Obesity is one of the biggest problems faced today that many people are at risk of. At a very early age, even kids are a victim of this dreaded disease. In today’s world, where unhealthy

Guide on best way to lose weight- circadian diet, tips

The recent breakthroughs in anti-obesity pill for weight loss have been creating waves in obesity management. Scientists are extremely hopeful that these new weight loss drugs, in the long run, may help in tackling the


Dr. Robert Atkins created this diet which focuses on a low carb intake and high protein and fat inclusion. Atkins diet is one of the most popular diets in the world for about 40 years

Tried almost every other fad and diet plan out there to reduce weight? Well, here’s some news for you. Chances are you may actually end up losing weight by adding one small ingredient to your

Irrespective of the age, diet and nutrition are of great concern in women’s life. A healthy diet help you maintain weight, provides energy, fights stress and make you feel beautiful.Including fruits and vegetables in your


If looking for a healthy nutritious diet rich in protein, gluten free and easy to digest, include quinoa in your everyday life and stay healthy. Quinoa is a delicious, nutritious and the most versatile food

Losing weight is not only a physical hurdle, but a mental hurdle as well. In order to lose weight successfully, you need to boost yourself mentally at first. Part of this process involves training your

The easiest way to welcome a variety of diseases such as diabetes, stoke, cardio vascular diseases and certain cancers is by being obese. Otherwise, weight reduction is the key to a healthy life. Many people

weight loss is more about food quality

The hormone reset diet or the supercharged hormone diet is a concept of a naturopathic doctor Dr. Natasha Turner. To begin with, the body is made to undergo cleansing for two-weeks, so that excess hormones

Hormone reset diet
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