6 Psychological barriers standing in your way to weight loss

Losing weight is not only a physical hurdle, but a mental hurdle as well. In order to lose weight successfully, you need to boost yourself mentally at first. Part of this process involves training your mind to overcome certain psychological barriers that may hinder your weight loss plans. For instance, here are 5 psychological barriers that every other individual who wants to lose weight faces.

  1. It’s All or Nothing mentality

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Weight loss is not something that can be achieved in a single day. It takes a lot of time and effort on your part to lose weight effectively. As such, there may be times when you will want to throw in the towel on account of seeing no desirable results. Don’t get caught in this trap and end up quitting before you even start. Change takes time. Believe this whole heartedly and expect to see progress only after a month or so after starting your weight loss plan.

  1. Tiring self-criticism


Self-criticism is one trait that will get rid of your confidence in one go. While self-criticism can help you see where you are going wrong, too much of it can actually hinder your weight loss plans. Never let this attitude control your mind and body. Instead, focus on those areas where you have made progress so far. These may include a list of the healthy foods you have started eating, the healthy habits you have started following and the positive traits you notice about your health and personality.

  1. ‘I’m All Alone’ mentality

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Sometimes it may be very hard to lose weight on your own. And you may end up putting off your weight loss goals until you find someone to join you in your weight loss plans. If this is what is keeping you back, consider booking a holiday at a weight loss resort. This will help you meet with people like you who want to lose weight. It will also help you get the company you desire. But best of all, it will help you get in touch with dieticians and trainers who can start you off on a tailor made weight loss program that you can follow even after coming back home.

  1. Comparison with others

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Never compare yourself with anybody else. This is a dangerous barrier that can be very hard to break. With effort and perseverance, you will start to see desirable results with time. So stop comparing yourself with those who seem to lose weight faster than you. Rather, appreciate their efforts and focus on achieving your weight loss goals effectively.

  1. Turning back to food

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The self-criticism that drags you down will also push you back towards things that you found comforting at one point of time, including your favorite foods. No matter how stressed, sad or depressed you feel, don’t turn towards food.

Resist the urge to stuff yourself in order to feel relaxed. Rather, divert your mind to some other activity that will help you relax without hindering your weight loss plans. For instance, you can try listening to some music or reading a book to feel better.

  1. I’m last mentality

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The constant pressures of work and family life can make you neglect your health in the long run. You may push your needs to the back of your mind while ensuring that everyone else’s needs are met first. Get rid of this mentality and take a stand.

Be confident when you introduce measures in your home or workplace to ensure that you get your weight loss goals in place without hindering your productivity. For instance, you can start by introducing more organic foods in your meals or opt for a gym session after work at office to facilitate your weight loss plans.

Losing weight is a mental challenge and requires you to be mentally strong in order to lose weight effectively. You will need to overcome many psychological barriers in order to prepare yourself mentality for the physical challenge of losing weight.

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