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Lung cancer is a disease characterised by uncontrolled growth of abnormal lung cells. It can present either as Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) or as Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) depending on pathological features of […]

5 Reasons You Should Aware About Lung Cancer

Learn about fruits that can help with diabetes and some of its symptoms as Supplementing fruits with medicine can help you to have better control over diabetes symptoms and prevent complications. The current epidemic of

Let's take control of diabetes with fruits

A radiant, healthy and glowing skin is a reflection of inner health. Health comes from within and glowing skin is an essential part of natural beauty. The key to vibrant and healthy skin lies beyond

Food for your skin

Heart disease sounds big, isn’t it? Indeed it is; if proper attention is not paid when possible and the good news is that heart diseases can be prevented. Lifestyle management can help in preventing heart

Preventing heart disease

Dairy produce has been going under a bit of a health rehabilitation  Those of us who enjoy a nice, cool glass of milk as our preferred drink can take heart from the fact that the

Milk Might Just be Good for the heart

“Doctor, do you have medicine that can make my child to eat healthy food, I really long for the days when I fed my child baby food and was able to control his eating habits”

How to make a picky child to eat healthy food

The myth that red wine is good for preventing heart attacks has come under question from health experts, who have said that any type of alcoholic drink can only do a drinker damage. The myth

Red wine Health Myth

HealthFirst looks into the healthcare status of women in gulf countries, recent studies and various researches highlights several issues and problems including A) Lack of awareness of vital health issues B) High rate of Obesity

Women Diet

Upper lid blepharoplasty probably is the most frequently performed type of plastic surgery. But most patients do not want to change their ‘look’ . So the (oculo)plastic surgeon has to watch carefully the patients lid

Upper lid blepharoplasty

Adults and unborn babies’ vision at risk from compounds in cigarette smoke says Dr. Shabbir Saifuddinan ophthalmologist based in Dubai. The deleterious effects of smoking on health are well-established and need no further introduction, with

Smokers Blind to the Effects of Tobacco Consumption on Eyesight
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