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A beautiful beam can boost your confidence. A team of oral care professionals share their knowledge on how to maintain sparkling teeth KEEP YOU SMILE BRIGHT Top 10 Tips A bright smile can make you look younger […]

10 Tips to Keep Your Smile Bright

A recent small study advocates that sex is good for your health. It just not only reduces stress, enhance sleep and burns calories, it can also reduce pain, ease sadness, strengthen blood vessels, boost the

Sex and Health - Good sexual relationship just not only lifts your mood, it lifts health as well.

For some people grey hair may be a sign of wisdom but majority of people would not like to have salt and pepper hair on their scalp, especially at younger age. Hair is the mirror

Premature Graying of the Hair

An overview of a condition that all too often results in social isolation Autism – a Challenging Disorder     “To talk of a cure for any of the ASDs is inappropriate. ASD is not

Autism - a Challenging Disorder

A Treatment Methodology for Autism Applied Behaviour Analysis – A Treatment Methodology for Autism     Autism is characterised by difficulties with social settings and communication. Typical challenges faced include a difficulty with pointing to

Applied Behaviour Analysis – A Treatment Methodology for Autism

The aquatic mammal has been found to have a similar Type 2 diabetes as humans, but can switch off the condition when needed DOLPHINS OFFER HOPE FOR DIABETICS Researchers have discovered that dolphins share a

Dolphins Offer Hope for Diabetics

April 12-18 is Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week. A specialist oncologist highlights this devastating form of carcinoma ORAL CANCER A Devasting Form of Carcinoma April 12-18, marks Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness

Oral Cancer

“Rotavirus”-the most common contagious infection that affects almost every child before reaching the age of five and can be easily prevented by washing hands properly. Read about disease symptoms, treatment and prevention. The commercial advertisement

Understand Common Childhood Disease- Rotavirus

New developments target cancer much more effectively than previously possible No diagnosis creates more fear for the patient than that of cancer. Half a century ago, being informed that you had cancer was tantamount to

Latest News in Cancer Treatment

It should all be Ahhh and not ARRGHH! when we visit tooth care professionals, says this dentist Over the past 15 years in private dental practice, I am quite used to receiving the following greetings;

Don’t Hate the Dentist
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