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healthy eating

A bachelor’s idea of a meal is a fast one, which involves absolutely no hassles at all. Almost all bachelors live on fast food, then go to the gym to burn those calories. As a […]


As we get older we might eat less due to decrease in out appetite. But one must remember that you will need nutrients. In-fact the need for nutrients like calcium will increase with age. Elderly

Healthy Eating for the Elderly

It is important for every bride to stay healthy and fit so that she can withstand pre-wedding stress. A bride who eats healthy before her wedding can maintain good energy levels without gaining weight. As

Bridal diet

While you are busy doing various activities of the day, you often hear those unwanted noises from the stomach. You might feel embarrassed about it sometimes, but it is a sign that you have to


We often eat what we like and foods that can satisfy our taste buds. In exchange, it lead to various health related conditions and problems. Sometimes, conditions become so critical that we cannot handle. So,

Life has many stages, but the stage where the person starts living and enjoying the moments is the best part of the life. College days are the stage of the life when people have the

We all love to eat junk foods, as they are delicious and can satisfy our hunger in minutes. Parents are right to be worried about the health effects of gratuitous consumption of junk foods because

healthy food

Most of us think that fast foods are bad for health so we often stop kids from eating such things. They also contain healthy elements that can help you to stay healthy and in good


Our health depends on what we eat and how we eat. It is important to stay on healthy diet, which should include fibers, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Healthy and fat free diet is very


Piling your plate with food does not mean that you are having healthy food. Variety of foods is available in the market and it is important to make sure that the food you are choosing

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