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Natural appetite suppressants to help with your dieting


While you are busy doing various activities of the day, you often hear those unwanted noises from the stomach. You might feel embarrassed about it sometimes, but it is a sign that you have to fill the empty stomach. When an uncontrollable hunger troubles us, we do not bother about what we are eating; we just want to get away with those sounds and get relief from the hunger.

Here are few healthy food items that will naturally suppress your hunger.

Handful of almonds

Handful of almonds makes a good option whenever you feel hungry. Almonds are a good source of Vitamins, Magnesium, and antioxidants, they help in satisfying the hunger faster. Eating almonds is a good option especially for people who are worried about managing their weight. As eating almonds will make you feel full for longer hours, you do not have to worry about eating repeatedly. Since you eat less, there are chances that you will lose more weight and maintain good shape.

Drink plenty of water

When people are hungry, drinking water can actually make you feel like you are full. When you are feeling hungry, you just want to suppress it and water can do that for you. Drinking water keeps body hydrated, which will get rid many diseases like digestion problems, acne, and pimples. When our body is dehydrated, we feel tired and low. Drinking plenty of water can make our body hydrated and avoid the hunger and tiredness.


Many people believe that Hoodia is a good and natural supplement when you are feeling hungry. Mostly found in the jungles of Africa, people use to eat it earlier for satisfying their hunger for longer hours. When you are feeling hungry, just take small amount of Hoodia to feel full. Hoodia is a natural way to get rid f the hunger for longer hours, thus reducing weight and keeping us in good shape.


Eggs are rich in proteins, which helps in keeping the stomach full for longer hours. People who intake eggs in breakfast remain full for almost half of the day. As hunger troubles some people frequently, eating eggs is a good and healthy option for them. You can eat hard boiled, soft boiled, scrambled, or poached eggs. Eggs are healthy in any form you eat them.

While most of the people eat anything when they feel hungry, they must focus on eating healthy and natural. When you feel hungry, you must eat healthy food, which will suppress hunger naturally and make you healthy.

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