With our commitment to take your healthcare business to newer, greater heights, we, at Dr Prem Digital Healthcare Marketing, help you realize your objective of sustainable brand development.

Do you need promotion, traffic, ranking, brand development and online reputation for your healthcare brand? Let Dr Prem and his team helps you to give you the ethical marketing push your healthcare product/services or client deserve.
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Our Digital Healthcare Marketing team has the required expertise and experience to create a unique brand image of your services and products, which will outshine others within the digital healthcare ecosystem. Connecting both healthcare startups and established healthcare leaders with the right audience in a right manner, we initiate fruitful communication with your segmented target audience while keeping your preferences and services in mind. We do keep a close watch on healthcare digital trends while providing bespoke solutions to healthcare centers, professionals and experts, so that they could gain the trust of prospect customers.

Business Strategy


Healthcare market is vast. Our marketing strategy initiates with proper study of market opportunity, product categorization and market segmentation.  Healthcare service requirement varies with age groups and socio-economic status of individuals. Our in-house expert envisages these factors including the challenges involved cautiously and device exclusive marketing strategies with due analysis of business goals, probable earnings, timeline and future growth plan. Our inbound market strategy is highly focused on driving traffic, website building, lead generation and subsequent conversions. It also involves a continuous synchronization of content selection, social media promotion, email marketing, mobile marketing and paid search analysis.

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Offering the best digital healthcare marketing with use of high-tech technology

Understanding the requirements of our clients is the forte of Dr Prem Web Services. Our expert web developers sit with the clients and understand every detail so that they can reach out to prospect customers accordingly.



Strategic Digital Market Planning

Suggestions on Website Development, Content Creation, FAQs, Contact Forms, Chat, Plugins

Backlinking for ranking, reputation and traffic


Speed and Load Time

On Page SEO

Design and Layout

Responsive Layout

Security Plugin

Free Campaign Creation on Google Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram

Social Media Marketing, Advertising and Promotion

YouTube Channel Creation

Special Health Days Promotion within Contract Period

Infographic Creation and Promotion

Video Creation and Marketing

Google My Business Page Creation

Local SEO

Email Marketing

Social Media Integration

Business Directory App

Service Directory App

Ecommerce Integration

Verified and Featured listing on MedicalTourism.DrPrem.com

Discount on Medical Tourism Consultancy Package

Agreement Service Period



Understanding Target Audience, Challenges and Opportunities

Yes, Additional 1500 words content creation

5 posts and 10 links


All Pages


3 Campaigns 




5 Percent

2 Months



Market Research

Understanding Target Audience, Challenges and Opportunities

Yes, Additional 2500 words content creation

Healthcare SEO Optimization

 7 posts and 15 links


All Pages

UX Improvements


Digital Marketing Solutions


with 1 Additional Facebook Campaign




Technology and App Development

Healthcare Branding

10 Percent

Contract Period

3 Months



Understanding Target Audience, Challenges and Opportunities

Yes, Additional 4000 words content creation

10 posts and 25 links

Super Fast

All Pages



with 2 Additional Facebook Campaign




Web App

Web App

15 Percent

4 Months



Visualizing the customers’ thoughts is the ultimate objective of a great website. We at Dr Prem and Associates take proper care of this factor understanding the fact the vast target audience attracting the potential buyers from different segments and background. We take special efforts in creating suitable message- specific content of the healthcare products and services generating a high credibility factor of the provider.  Our website structuring is done in the most user-friendly manner readily accessible from mobile devices as well. Easy navigation menus and route-maps of the website enable the customer to access the required information quickly leading to fast conversion.



With the world going digital today, your products or services should be reflected in the regular search of the target audiences. Most of the healthcare service seekers choose google search engine to get detail information of health related service or products before selecting the provider or healthcare giver. Our expertise in SEO service brings your products through the website in the forefront among the millions of search results generated. We ensure high page rankings of your website so as to grab the first attention of numerous service seekers. Our special technical integration with proper keyword selection fetches first page ranking with yahoo and bing search engines as well.



The huge impact of social media in product and service promotion in today’s digital era is well recognized along with the words of mouth that can create a huge database of loyal service buyers.  We maintain a regular posting of added healthcare products and features keeping the regular social media site visitors engaged who ultimately drive in the revenues of business. We highlight important news, events and offers and other value added services keeping in mind the humanitarian aspect of the healthcare service in an exquisite manner spreading to millions quickly.


Not only do we believe that Content is the king in digital marketing but also ensure its relevance towards ever changing customers’ behavior and demand. Healthcare market is dynamic. Hence, we maintain a dynamic approach with constant upgradation of your content adding unique eye catching features in healthcare service and products to help in loyalty building and customer retention. Customized content for specific service projecting at-a-glance features is our uniqueness to drive in more traffic within a set time period.


Smart marketing decisions cannot happen without proper data analysis. Our team at Dr Prem and Associates provides continuous efforts in collecting big data from the selected purchasing points to identify the customers’ choices and buying preferences (be it a service or product) that helps in framing and executing our digital marketing strategies and plans effectively. Choice of the hospitals, preference of treatments, choice of experts, location and availability of experts and services and their accessibility all comes under our extensive data analytics showing the right direction towards enhancing customer database and conversions. We are quick in anticipating changes in customers’ preferences and adopt attractive measures to keep them in the probable customer loop.


Being connected 24×7 is the motto of the millennium and taking care of this, our reputation in creating customized user-friendly apps helps a great extent in customer engagement and retention. Our team is expert in creating all-inclusive uniquely featured apps that may include health gadgets, appointment fixing, monitoring vital health parameters, real-time patient-doctor interaction especially in case of aged patients with restricted mobility and emergency help line. Exciting lifestyle modification and gaming features are also added to motivate the customers towards a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, our multi-featured apps do not consume a huge storage space and can be downloaded free.


Digital marketing services have taken the world by storm due to its ability to hit millions in lightning speed. Quality healthcare service being one of the most sought after services, it is a welcome thing for the customers to receive instant information of the best healthcare solutions available through emails. And we at Dr Prem and Associates give prime importance to this email marketing service hitting the customers’ inbox faster than the competitors. We strongly believe that well planned email marketing campaign helps in building a strong customer base that will lead to a continuous revenue generation.  Our attractive newsletters highlighting offers and credit points can be easily viewed on android and mobile devices.

Do you need promotion, traffic, ranking, brand development and online reputation for your healthcare brand? Let Dr Prem and his team helps you to give you the ethical marketing push your healthcare product/services or client deserve.
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Usage of correct google ad words to improve your website ranking and customer visits is important, and our SEO experts work seamlessly selecting the killer keywords for your website. Words that are most searched by healthcare seekers are listed out and are SEO optimized in such a manner that your webpage information reaches to the right audience in the least possible time. In healthcare sector, multibillion searches are done and your keyword list should contain the most relevant ones. Customer behavior and preferences are not static. Therefore, we continuously monitor your keyword list adding newer ones leading to more customer visits.


Healthcare domain is vast where medical breakthroughs and inventions are continuous events. If you are offering the latest services/products, well constructed blogs in your website are very much customer engaging building a strong base. Suppose, if you are providing any out-of-the-box service features like providing mobile healthcare monitoring for the elderly, a blog describing the features and benefits would bring in higher number of healthcare seekers fast. Our expert content writers are there to create impressive blogs where the relevant information and benefits are projected instantly which is educative and time saving for the customer.


If you are a new entrant in the healthcare service market and want to grab the attention of a large number of service seekers in the shortest possible time, our pay-per-click management service offers you the best way to advertise your service and products where you have to pay minimum but generate maximum profit. As you pay a very small amount of fee when your ad is clicked by a healthcare service seeker, your quick conversion rate will outplay the small advertising investment. Our target-oriented ad creation using the killer keywords directs the visitor to the right landing page resulting in quick conversion.

Mobile Marketing


We at Dr Prem and Associates help you in reaping the highest benefits of mobile marketing mainly through androids creating unique apps and penetrative mobile ads engaging the various avenues of this marketing channel. We always strive to hit the right audience with the target message related to different healthcare service/products offered by you initiating a call to action. SMS or MMS regarding the availability of special therapies, offers and credit points are passed to the customer database enabling them to respond quickly through QR codes. Our unique customer feedback method in mobile marketing helps in detecting the customers’ choices and feedback enabling us adopt different strategies to convert them into loyal customers.


Online reputation building imparts credibility to the service provider and builds trust and confidence among prospective customers which is a must in the healthcare domain.  We strive to build our clients’ online reputation through our well managed system comprising of words of mouth, motivational comments, testimonials of recognized individuals and organizing interactive web platforms where prolonged customer engagement and feedbacks help in more conversions. Our online reputation building system presents the transparency of the service provider through past actions and current customer satisfaction feedback that are propagated swiftly through different social media platforms.

Online Reputation Management


More the number of quality leads greater is the number of conversions that helps in the continuous revenue generation. We understand the complexity of the healthcare market better, and our efficient lead generation system creates quality leads with the highest conversion potential. Our exceptional dialogue-initiating system attracts the right customer base generating warm leads which ultimately get converted at a short time interval. We make sure to direct the service seekers to the right landing page where they can fill the required information and avail the ongoing offers/credits which gradually builds a good number of high-convertible leads. Our lead generation system specially takes care of generating warm leads rather than cold calls, which consume productive business time.


Our uniquely created E-commerce websites are aimed in providing quality healthcare services in the most convenient manner to all. We take immense care in providing the best information in the most attractive manner. Our listings of specialty clinics, services offered, visiting specialists, infrastructure support, medical tourism facilities, online appointment fixing portal and other value added services are presented in the most convenient manner to enable the service seeker access his/her requirements with minimum clicks of mouse. Our online payment system is simplified to the best. We ensure the payment gateways are secured enough for hassle-free online payments.

Do you need promotion, traffic, ranking, brand development and online reputation for your healthcare brand? Let Dr Prem and his team helps you to give you the ethical marketing push your healthcare product/services or client deserve.
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