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    10 Ways Cooking Therapy can boost your wellness

    Food is a great medium to connect with others and own selves. Nothing can be great if you can cook…

    A guide on gut microbiome and its role on our well-being

    This year’s Global Wellness Summit in Singapore met with an interesting concept. Naveen Jain, the founder of Viome, the only…

    Brimming with wellness, Croatia is the next stop to wellness and health tourism

    Croatia is the land where you live your fantasies amidst the sunny Mediterranean climate and sapphire waters of the Adriatic…

    A Complete Guide to Marketing and Promoting Wellness Resorts, Wellness Retreats and Wellness Hotels

    Wellness resort marketing strategies need to be in line with wellness trends and notable shifts in customers’ likes and preferences.…

    ‘Abode of the clouds’ Meghalaya plans herb tourism

    Also dubbed as the Abode of the Clouds, Meghalaya is a region that is known for its stunning scenic beauty.…

    Top 100 Wellness Resorts in the World | Wellness Tourism | Review by Dr Prem Jagyasi

    Wellness tourism, a $639 billion market in 2017 is projected to touch $919 billion by 2022 reports GWI (Global Wellness…

    A comprehensive Wellness Magazine and Wellness Tourism Guide for wellness enthusiasts with definition, meaning, terms, technology, trends and latest update of Wellness Tourism Industry.

    For Wellness Professionals, a one-stop solution for Wellness Tourism Consultancy, Marketing and Promotion. Also get usable info on various types of Wellness Therapies and Strategies to Run and Manage Wellness Business, Wellness Resorts & Centers.

    Curated and compiled by a global Wellness Tourism Expert – Dr Prem Jagyasi, with his travel footprints across 65+ countries, and his prolific Wellness Expert team.

    Dr Prem Wellness Resort Services and Guide

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