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    Cultural and traditional aspects that become visible in Japanese Spa destinations

    Spa Culture has been prevalent in our society since time immemorial. Pampering yourself has always been the way of life…

    Wellness destinations in India to visit in monsoon

    Monsoon brings in a fresh shot of renewed stimulation and enhances your vigor after the long and dry spell of…

    The healing potential of sound energy and different meditation frequencies

    Stressed out? Overpowered with anxiety? Tap the healing potential of sound energy and meditation frequencies. Well, it may sound new to you…

    20 Most booked wellness experiences all over the world

    Booking for wellness experiences has shot up sharply with Airbnb reporting over 500% growth in such bookings last year. The…

    How to dissolve thyroid nodules naturally

    What causes thyroid nodules? A thyroid nodule may be a solid or liquid filled lump positioned on the thyroid gland.…

    How your social skills can affect your wellness?

    Good social skills matters. Have you ever wondered your social skills could be linked with your physical wellness apart from…

    A comprehensive Wellness Magazine and Wellness Tourism Guide for wellness enthusiasts with definition, meaning, terms, technology, trends and latest update of Wellness Tourism Industry.

    For Wellness Professionals, a one-stop solution for Wellness Tourism Consultancy, Marketing and Promotion. Also get usable info on various types of Wellness Therapies and Strategies to Run and Manage Wellness Business, Wellness Resorts & Centers.

    Curated and compiled by a global Wellness Tourism Expert – Dr Prem Jagyasi, with his travel footprints across 65+ countries, and his prolific Wellness Expert team.

    Dr Prem Wellness Resort Services and Guide

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