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    Cultural and traditional aspects that become visible in Japanese Spa destinations

    Spa Culture has been prevalent in our society since time immemorial. Pampering yourself has always been the way of life…

    Psychedelic retreats – a rising trend in wellness tourism

    Psychedelic retreats have taken global wellness travel by storm. A rising trend in wellness tourism as pointed out by the…

    Aesthetic industry doing great in furthering growth trends this year as well

    In the US, people spend substantially for improving looks that have created a huge market in aesthetic surgery and cosmetology…

    A recent survey reveals the growing trend of boomer’s embracing cannabis

    A new survey about marijuana and cannabidiol (CBD) reveals a surprisingly growing trend of its use among baby boomers. And…

    Guide to staycations, schoolcations and workcations in wellness travel

    Great prospects lie ahead in the wellness travel and hospitality market as more and more travelers opt for staycations, daycations, schoolcations, workations…

    Most effective Baba Ramdev yoga asanas for weight loss

    Yoga is aimed at calming the mind, promote tranquility in the body, and helps in keeping the body fit and…

    A comprehensive Wellness Magazine and Wellness Tourism Guide for wellness enthusiasts with definition, meaning, terms, technology, trends and latest update of Wellness Tourism Industry.

    For Wellness Professionals, a one-stop solution for Wellness Tourism Consultancy, Marketing and Promotion. Also get usable info on various types of Wellness Therapies and Strategies to Run and Manage Wellness Business, Wellness Resorts & Centers.

    Curated and compiled by a global Wellness Tourism Expert – Dr Prem Jagyasi, with his travel footprints across 65+ countries, and his prolific Wellness Expert team.

    Dr Prem Wellness Resort Services and Guide

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