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    Secondary wellness activities preferred by global travelers driving wellness tourism market further

    Though wellness oriented travel is the main objective of wellness tourism, a niche market experiencing a fast growth across the…

    Knowing your gut biome – Illness could just be a choice

    This year’s Global Wellness Summit in Singapore met with an interesting concept. Naveen Jain, the founder of Viome, the only…

    Dharana Shillim Resort guiding your way to wellness

    It is not the breath-taking Sahyadri that blows your mind away, but the unique melding of technology and tradition focused…

    Interesting wellness Real Estate trends to watch out for

    Nearly 80-90% of our disease risks and health conditions are likely from the environment and external factors, says a Global…

    Emerging wellness oriented living centers for the aging population 

    Innovative wellness models are being designed for delivering customized services to the senior citizens and the module in which they…

    Office syndrome: Is your work environment damaging your health? Find out

    The workplace is our lifeline for sustenance where we devote about 80% of our waking hours. To meet the ever-increasing…

    A comprehensive Wellness Magazine and Wellness Tourism Guide for wellness enthusiasts with definition, meaning, terms, technology, trends and latest update of Wellness Tourism Industry.

    For Wellness Professionals, a one-stop solution for Wellness Tourism Consultancy, Marketing and Promotion. Also get usable info on various types of Wellness Therapies and Strategies to Run and Manage Wellness Business, Wellness Resorts & Centers.

    Curated and compiled by a global Wellness Tourism Expert – Dr Prem Jagyasi, with his travel footprints across 65+ countries, and his prolific Wellness Expert team.

    Dr Prem Wellness Resort Services and Guide

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