Yoga styles and poses that help fight blood sugar

Spinal twist yoga style

With drastic change in eating habits, people are facing many health problems. Bad eating habits lead to many serious diseases damaging our bodies. One of the common among them is diabetes. Because this disease affects so many people, there is a need to find ways to cure it.

When you are suffering from any disease, curing it as soon as possible becomes necessary. Treating diabetes faster is possible if you incorporate regular exercise into the routine. Yoga is very helpful and effective when it comes to curing this disease. With regular yoga, one can reduce the effect of diabetes, lower high blood pressure and achieving the normal health again. For the sake of curing disease, here are some good yoga poses to help you fight the effects of diabetes.

Seated forward bending pose

This pose helps in beating the effects of diabetes faster and better. Starting with the pose, one need to sit with legs forward and stretched. After sitting in the pose, bend forward and hold your feet with the hands at the bottom. Now bend forward and try to touch knees with nose. Inhale as you bend and hold the position for few seconds or until you feel comfortable. Relax after a while and repeat the exercise. Doing this exercise regularly strengthens the stomach and helps in producing more insulin that lowers the high sugar in the blood.

Legs straight up

Commence the pose by lying on your back and bending the knees. With hands supporting the waist, raise your legs up until straight and stretched. While going up make sure to support your waist with the hands to maintain the balance. Inhale as you go up, stay in the position for a while, and then get back to the former position. Lying with legs up regulates the proper working of the thyroid glands enabling nervous and digestive system of the body to work properly. It also helps respiratory system and metabolism to work properly. When the system of the body works properly, it reduces the effects of diabetes in a person.

Forward bend

To start with the pose, stand straight with stretched and elongated spine. Inhale and bend down to touch the feet. Make sure to touch feet to stretch the legs and arms properly. Hold the position for a while and then go back up to stand straight and exhale. Forward bend regulates the good flow of blood towards kidneys and liver allowing them to work better. Moreover, diabetes is the main cause of kidney failure. Curing diabetes with yoga can also reduce the risk of kidney failure.

Spine twist

For curing diabetes, it is important that the respiratory system of the body work properly. Regularly practicing yoga increases the capacity of the lungs to inhale and store more oxygen. Better respiratory system helps in reducing the effects of diabetes.

When you do spine twist, make sure to stretch the body correctly. Otherwise, it may cause cramps in the bodies. To avoid such situation, be straight and stretched achieving the perfect pose. Moreover, while doing twist, be sure to reach properly at each side of the body. Proper twist will cure the aches better and faster. Spine twist will make all the systems of the body works correctly reducing the effects of high level of sugar in the blood.


With yoga, one can defeat many diseases that are continuously making our bodies weaker. For healthy and stronger body and mind, one must practice yoga regularly. Incorporating yoga in daily life protects against diseases and safeguards body and mind for the long run as well. Daily practice and proper moves can make body flexible that allows better working.

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