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Hospital Marketing Strategy

Today’s patient is more demanding. Competitive pressure is on the rise and so is the trust deficit between the patients and providers. The scenario calls for effective marketing strategies to expand your customer base sustainably. When we talk of hospital marketing strategy, we cover a lot of things apart from data analysis and smart planning. Our expertise lies in execution that makes us stand apart from others. We develop a good understanding of your differentiating traits with respect to your competition and create strategies accordingly.


We help in:

    • Positioning, creating effective communication channels, advertising, media planning, online and offline marketing, developing PR, etc.
    • Physician liaisoning.
    • Budgeting marketing expense.
    • Establishing a steady ROI.
    • Improving user experience in web portals.
    • Leveraging patient database and experience.
    • Identifying the best and the least performing marketing channels and work accordingly.

Operations Management

The prime objective of hospitals/clinics is to operate the facility in the most cost effective manner supported by a proper management system and work culture. All these translate into hospital reputation and higher profit margins. We believe in lean operation and management. In operation management, our consultant team ensures the functioning of all departments in synergy sans redundant activities.


We help in:

    • Write and execute policies, operation manuals, and standard protocols checking whether recommended clinical and managerial skill sets are in place for the best patient care.
    • Managing day-to-day activities right from operational, human resource, financial, marketing and branding
    • Streamlining patient screening, TPA coordination, OPD management, billing/admission and discharge management and other activities for improved patient experience
    • Creating a competitive edge that is sustainable ensuring high-quality customer service and treatment standards.
    • Corporate relationship management

Business Growth Strategy

Creating the business growth strategy for hospitals and clinics is extremely complex with rapidly emerging healthcare tech, pressing consumer demands and evolving regulatory processes. Our proven success record in understanding the value-chain of hospitals/clinics deeply helps in creating feasible strategies where benefits are assured.


Our Services Cover:

    • Addressing key areas like cost-reduction, employee engagement, leadership and referrals
    • Create special patient-satisfaction strategies by reworking on the first point of contacts, call-to-action responses, communication/miscommunication, appointment scheduling system and personalized attention
    • Guidance in double-hatting leadership
    • Assistance in online and offline marketing
    • Enhance online patient experience and patient acquisition through effective digital marketing strategies
    • Creating referral strategies

Medical Equipment Planning, Budgeting & Consulting

Planning and budgeting for medical equipment is integral in hospital management. It constitutes the basis of hospital/clinic operation occupying the lion’s share of hospital project cost. Our knowledge and experience in dealing with medical equipment requirement cover small facilities to big hospital chains and super-specialty clinics. We have the eye to identify the varied equipment requirement like in the OPD department, ICU and ITU and OTs.


Our Services Cover:

    • Assessing your equipment requirements in consultation with top biomedical experts.
    • Budgeting equipment expense
    • Cost effective planning for equipment in different departments checking with the technical knowledge of the staff
    • Selecting the right vendors both domestic and international in terms of cost and quality
    • Pre installation planning
    • Coordinating equipment delivery and supervision of equipment installation
Global Healthcare – Strategy, Consultancy, Marketing and Promotion

Human Resource Planning

Human resource forms the base of the quality of your clinic/hospital. Can you run your clinic or hospital without efficient and skilled human resources? Are they dedicated enough? Our consultation in human resource planning covers various aspects of the candidate with best-fitting traits and parameters to suit your organizational goals.


Our services include:

    • Profiling of all your departments and capacities
    • Support in framing HR policies, compensations and rewards/incentives
    • Holistic approach in recruiting medical and non-medical professionals with thorough profile assessment to ensure maximum efficiency
    • Arrange training facilities for selected candidates
    • Providing motivation and help in maintaining a standardized work culture
    • Coordinating with other healthcare facilities to provide specialist professionals to fill in immediate requirements
Global Healthcare – Strategy, Consultancy, Marketing and Promotion

Healthcare Data Analytics

Healthcare data analytics provides you a competitive advantage over your peers. You can more effectively market your services and products to your potential customers. Our expert services through comprehensive data mining with predictive analysis support your business goals by improving clinical outcomes and patient experience.


We Offer:

    • A thorough analysis of your patient data and its outcomes and provide a comparison of effectiveness of various treatment interventions
    • Research reports based on outcomes of specific treatments that will work for specific patients.
    • Documented support for clinical decision-making by predicting outcomes or recommending alternative treatment modes
    • Real-time analysis of personalized care targeting the best treatment outcome for the patient along with insights of early detection and prevention
    • Data analysis of community health based on local social media search and queries to predict disease trends and outbreaks.
    • Support in policy framing and decision making based on KPI data analysis

Healthcare Apps & Tech Solutions

Healthcare technology goes beyond maintaining patient records and coordinating patient care. It is more about patient education, patient empowerment and establishing better patient-provider relationship. Healthcare facilities big or small cannot do without healthcare apps and tech solutions.


Our services in this regard cover:

    • Assessment of patient population based on existing healthcare records covering both inpatient and outpatient visits
    • Planning healthcare patient-provider healthcare coordination through healthcare Apps and other solutions
    • Creating the framework for proper healthcare IT infrastructure
    • Helping in proper selection of Healthcare App and tech solutions for improved patient management inside and outside the clinic with detail cost-benefit assessment
    • Providing periodic reports of healthcare app and tech implementation with patient feedback

Block Chain, Genomics, AI

Modern healthcare is riding on blockchain, Genomics and Artificial Intelligence. The aim is to reduce inefficient and redundant practices, prevent fraudulence and data pilferage and improve clinical outcome and patient experience. The first and foremost objective of our services is to meet your business needs and goals satisfactorily through our customized solutions.

What We Do:

    • Offer advisory services to help healthcare organizations/facilities evaluate blockchain projects
    • Facilitate research and development with the help of our experts considering your ideas in building the blockchain platform.
    • Provide consultation in building tailor-made blockchain solutions liaisoning with reputed providers.
    • Facilitate implementing suitable Genomed and AI solutions by coordinating with reputed diagnostic and solution providers

Precision Medicine

Precision medicine is an emerging field of targeted therapy where clinical and molecular information of patients are considered in creating drugs or treatment plans. The approach facilitates a better selection of patient population leading to improved treatment outcomes. We help healthcare facilities of different capacities in the proper implementation of precision medicine.


Our services cover:

    • Assessing your facility infrastructure for precision medicine for bench-to-bedside delivery
    • Creating guidelines for suitable infrastructure development regarding setting up of hi-end diagnostic facilities and genetic testing labs for oncology, cardiology, ophthalmology and other specialties.
    • Liasioning with leading precision medicine companies to help you with the required drug development strategy and treatment plan
    • Seamless coordination with the existing facilities and that of precision medicine
    • Providing follow up reports ensuring hassle-free operation of the set up

Stem Cell Treatments

Creating the business growth strategy for hospitals and clinics is extremely complex with rapidly emerging healthcare tech, pressing consumer demands and evolving regulatory processes. Our proven success record in understanding the value-chain of hospitals/clinics deeply helps in creating feasible strategies where benefits are assured.


Our services cover:

  • Personalized stem cell treatment guidance based on individual needs
  • An easy-to-understand roadmap of the overview of stem cell treatments for different ailments along with the latest advancements.
  • Guidance to healthcare facilities and clinics of approved treatments and protocols to be followed.
  • Tailor-made plans to integrate stem cell treatments with your core treatments to make your organization have a competitive edge
  • Guidelines for research and investment in different stem cell treatments
  • Updated research reports of the latest breakthroughs applicable to your organization

Advanced Virtual Care

Personal wearable technologies are invading people’s health and wellness management practices. Advanced virtual care is going to be the new norm of healthcare. Our expertise in strategizing need-based healthcare IT infrastructure helps big and small healthcare facilities plan and implement advanced virtual care.


Our services include:

  • Strategy development to leverage various advanced virtual care opportunities
  • Proper integration of virtual care technologies with the existing facilities
  • Optimal investment
  • Facilitating improved workflow with upgraded infrastructure
  • Creating blue prints for advanced virtual care adoption in future
  • Guidance in selecting the right customized solution


Maximize your business margin with enhanced patient care by leveraging telemedicine. Technological innovations are game-changers in global healthcare and telemedicine is right at the forefront. Our expert team enables your healthcare facility/institution to adopt the cost effective telehealth services for superior patient experience and satisfaction.


Our consultancy in Telemedicine covers:

  • Create telemedicine and telehealth service strategy of your hospital/clinic ensuring your ROI and the impact of patient care.
  • Assess the existing telemedicine/telehealth services and recommend further upgradation if needed for increased patient coverage.
  • Identify further opportunities in telemedicine services
  • Creating a 2-3-5 year plan for effective telemedicine/telehealth application
  • Bridging the demand-supply gap of physicians/medical professionals by further leveraging the technology
  • Envisage proactive plans based on emerging healthcare trends and demands
  • Guidance in vendor selection for customized technology
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