About Dr Prem Jagyasi

Dr Prem - A Speaker

Dr. Prem’s credentials as a public speaker is substantiated by the sheer diversity of topics he chooses for displaying his oratory skill. Be it leadership, public speaking, business management, global healthcare or any other subject, you can only expect authoritative and thoughtfully constructed speeches without indulging in repartee from this endowed speaker. Thus far, the charismatic orator has delivered in excess of hundred keynote speeches, presentations and focused training workshops in more than 25 countries. Considering the response he gets, it is an easy assumption that the count will increase by the day. As a chartered consultant too, Dr Prem Jagyasi has delivered innumerable speeches that are profoundly informative and thought provoking. Read more: Dr Prem – A Speaker

Dr Prem - An Author and Publisher

A celebrated author and publisher, Dr Prem Jagyasi has published 30+ guides and runs a robust network of 50 niche websites with over millions of readers across the globe. All sites incorporate quality content and are optimized in a manner to impress its readers as well as prominent search engines. The sites are catering to holistic needs and aspirations of its readers and hence are garnering page views in millions. These sites carry diligently written, authentic and incisive article to the magnitude of thousands. As a socially responsible individual, Dr Prem Jagyasi ensures that the content featured is free from any bias against any particular community, religion or place. Dr Prem Jagyasi ensures that his niche websites remain current, consistent and informative. The content team of seasoned and proficient writers, at his disposal enables him to realize his endeavor. Read more Dr Prem – An Author and Publisher

Dr Prem - An Entrepreneur

With entrepreneurship in his DNA, Dr Prem Jagyasi has firmly established his credentials as an exceptional entrepreneur with impeccable business sense. Dr Prem Jagyasi runs a humongous and well-insulated network of 50 niche websites finding favor with readers and prominent search engines alike. He has thus far catered to the ever-varying web development and website management endeavors of hundreds of clients both nationally and internationally.  The heartening response that his web development services are garnering makes for an easy assumption that the tally of his clients will escalate further in times to come. Dr Prem’s record of accomplishments is impressive enough to inspire confidence among even the most discerning of clients. Read more about Dr Prem – An Entrepreneur 

Dr Prem – A Personal Branding Expert

An ongoing one with a certain amount of dynamics attached to it, personal branding is increasingly finding favor among business establishments and people across all ages for reasons not hard to comprehend. The fierce competition makes it further appealing and worth embracing both as a concept and methodology. It makes you consider yourself as a brand and promote it accordingly. Dr Prem Jagyasi’s experience, expertise and intent in deriving home the multifarious advantages of personal branding stand unsurpassed hitherto.

In his illustrious career as a personal branding expert, Dr Prem Jagyasi has earned a formidable reputation. By adhering to the principles of personal branding, he and his team have created distinct, robust and authentic brand identities for numerous individuals and business establishments in India and abroad. Well versed with the obvious as well as obscure nuances of personal branding, Dr Prem is the ideal man to count on for all those with a desire to garner the right kind of exposure, credibility, opportunities and attention. Read more – Dr Prem – A Personal Branding Expert

Dr Prem Jagyasi’s Global Initiatives

Medical Tourism Initiative

Written by Dr Prem Jagyasi, the award winning strategic leader, renowned author, publisher and highly acclaimed global speaker, Dr Prem’s Medical Tourism Guide caters to different needs and requirements of medical travelers who cannot afford to settle down on anything but authentic and well-researched information on Medical Tourism.

No Tobacco Campaign

Supported by Dr Prem,  the No Tobacco Campaign team rolled out nationwide campaign in UAE. Thousands of people took pledge. The team visited shopping malls, offices, college clusters and labor camps to talk about the dangers of tobacco consumption. The campaign reached out to all communities within the UAE through a wide-ranging program which included talks, road shows, street plays, poster & art competitions programs.

Ahlan Ramadan

‘Ahlan’ in Arabic means ‘Welcome’. Ahlan Ramadan is an event that aims to welcome the holy month of Ramadan, this year, with preparation for physical well being along with spiritual purification. ‘Ahlan Ramadan’ will create awareness among Muslims to be equipped with health and nutrition facts to enjoy physical well being while striving for spiritual enrichment during this Ramadan.

Family Health Festival

The Family Health Festival visited various malls across Dubai, inviting customers who were keen on bagging a retail bargain to also pick up some free advice on how to minimise the risk of developing illness. Visitors to the booths were also able to receive a free health status check-up by undertaking various medical tests administered by qualified nurses. The vital checks being offered included blood pressure readings, body mass index measurements, blood sugar recordings and cholesterol tests.

Know Diabetes

Know Diabetes was a major community health initiative from Dr Prem and his team. The campaign was launched to tackle the extremely high prevalence of diabetes in the UAE. The event run for three years, and was fully supported by the UAE Ministry of Health.

Summer Health Festival

Summer health presented five dedicated themes at the leading malls; each for two weeks. People were Indulged in activities and contests and went back home healthier, fitter while enjoyed an exhilarating shopping experience during Dubai Shopping Festival. Activities included: Healthy Eating, Physical Fitness, Beautiful You, Hygiene, Health Check-ups.

Dr Prem – A Social Media Influencer

With remarkable proficiency in more than one field, Dr Prem is a versatile man striving for professional excellence. An acclaimed speaker, global trainer, successful entrepreneur, chartered consultant, celebrated author and publisher, Dr Prem’s list of core competencies is diverse.  Dr Prem is at the helm of a diverse and well-insulated network of 50 niche websites catering to the ever-dynamic aspirations of readers worldwide. Additionally, he manages in excess of 100 associate websites with high rankings on all prominent search engines. However, his digital storefront extends to social media marketing sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.