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Green Guide

Green guide is a guide that includes several ways to go green. This involves unique, innovative, and simple ways that will help us to keep the environment pollution free and help to reduce the quantity of waste material. This include all fields in which we make such mistakes that lead to pollution and help us how to improve those mistakes. This includes everything from food waste to eco-friendly machines. Green guide includes different topics and methods that will help us to save money, energy, water, and other natural or scarce resources.

This includes tips to make eco-friendly houses, furniture, decoration materials, tips to save fuel, and various and effective tips how to go green. As the population is rising, this can affect our future generations as they will not be able to use natural resources. This is our duty to use natural and scarce resources in a sustainable way. We can use public vehicles instead of private one in order to reduce the consumption of fuel and can use solar energy in order to save energy. Plants play an important role to make the environment pollution free then we can contribute to make the environment pollution free by planting more and more trees.

Have you ever calculated how much of your life is spent within the confinements of concrete and how much in nature?  Being away from sunlight and Mother Nature is physically and mentally not good. It is always good to feel […]


Most of us are bewildered when we get the electricity bill at the end of the month or two months. You keep thinking how and when did your home consume that many units of electricity. We are totally dependent on

What uses the most electricity in an apartment

Hospitals that heal are also a source of environmental pollution. Consider the amount of energy and water it consumes – running 365 days. A report published in Green Biz says hospitals generate 2 million tons of wastes annually. Medical waste

make your hospital eco-friendly

Roof material and color are important aspects which can keep your home naturally cool or hot beyond belief. If you look around, you would see different colors on the roofs of homes near you. Have you ever wondered why those


The word farm paints a serene picture. Lambs, hens, ducks and other animals – strolling on green pasture – grazing and picking grains at their own leisure. But is it the real picture in modernized farming? Sadly, it is not.


A standard wedding leaves more carbon footprint in the world than you can possibly imagine. And don’t even get started on amount of food waste, plastic pollution and a host of other trash that you will leave behind even after

Wild Basin Lodge

Going “Green” in all possible means is the only choice we have in order to safeguard our planet. Green architecture aims at making sustainable architecture with the help of environmental-friendly construction practices. This “Green Revolution” in architecture is brought about

Italian Architect Renzo Piano

The news of US Naval Station of Virginia Beach spilling 94,000 gallons of fuel in the nearby waterway very near to the Atlantic Ocean hardly caught any media attention. It is just one such event among thousands, giving an inkling

US military immune to environmental change concerns

Rare earth metals are used in many things we use on a daily basis, such as our smartphones which we cannot do without, and many other hi-tech products. Rare earth metals are used in wind turbines, also, which means that

mining rare earth metals

India is now home to some of the most polluted cities in the world. A better economy has led to more buying power which means there are tons of cars on the roads causing massive greenhouse emissions. Major cities in

Lujiazui modern offices in heavy polluted air, Shanghai, China.
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