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Works of art enhance the beauty of your home. If you select wisely, they can also be worthwhile investments. While selecting artwork for your home, you have to first think how you can build an enviable collection. While designing the […]


Did you know that smelling good can make you automatically more attractive? It is a simple way of increasing your sex appeal. But before you say that good smelling perfumes are expensive, let us introduce you to the realm of

long-lasting perfume

Any new parent will agree to the fact that having a toddler at home is nothing less than a challenge. From feeding and attending to them, to looking after their physical needs, clothes, and playthings, all can be quite exhausting,

constructive destruction

The problem of not being able to store luggage effectively doesn’t get as much attention as it needs. You can store almost anything anywhere, but when it comes to luggage, it is difficult to find a suitable place.


Home automation systems are the latest phenomenon in homes right now. They supposedly make your life easier with their artificial intelligence being able to control your security systems, lights and so on. But are they right for every home? Or

automating your home

Glamour, elegance, king size livings are some of the few descriptive words that we can use while referring to celebrity homes. The beauty inside homes is not defined to the size and height of the house. The implementation and planning

home decor

Home automation devices are getting smart with every passing day aiming to make our lives better and safe than ever before. Here is a rundown on some of the smart home gadgets equipped with great technology that is adept to

Neeo Universal remote

The latest and the most lucrative feature home automations devices are offering today are health benefits. Home automation has brought immense convenience and comfort to our lives and now it is time for us all to reap their health benefits.

Nymi is a smart wearable device

<![CDATA[Mirrors are beautiful home decor items which you can place just anywhere. Of course, these are ideal for the bathroom and bedroom for their utilization of daily morning routine, yet these can also add a decorative flair. You can smartly

Stylish wall mirrors add charm and elegance to your home

<![CDATA[The most important part of your house is the floors. Interiors of the house start by either changing the floors as per requirement or by polishing the existing floors to enhance the look. However, professionals should be hired to install

Environmentally friendly flooring for your home and office
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