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Neeo Universal remote

Home automation devices are getting smart with every passing day aiming to make our lives better and safe than ever before. Here is a rundown on some of the smart home gadgets equipped with great technology that is adept to change the course of our lives.


@HOME is a series of battery powered temperature sensors one can install in all the rooms in a home. It is basically a device that ensures safety of the old and the aged at home. @HOME is a series of battery powered temperature sensors one hangs on the walls of each room that can capacitate up to four people.

The @HOME controller uses sensor data to collect information regarding the member’s whereabouts in the home. The system then matches the collected information with the placement of furniture and other things in a room to generate a report. @HOME sends notifications on Smartphone whenever it notices any abnormal and danger like situation.


OneCue is a super smart gadget designed by eyesight-an Israeli startup that recognizes gestures and enables you to control all connected devices. It supports infrared-controlled devices such as AV receivers, Blu-Ray players, TVs, and some game consoles. Currently, OneCue also works with some Wi-Fi enabled smart home devices like Philips Hue bulbs, Nest thermostats, Apple TV, and Xbox.

Neeo Universal remote

Neeo Universal remote

Neeo is a universal remote with the usual big candy bar shape and has a does-it-all appeal. The top part of it houses a touch screen display claiming to have 291 pixels per inch, which is pretty cool. Below the touch screen display there is a cluster of buttons that change volume, change channels, to read menus, and for some other functions.

It looks an attractive piece carved out of a single aluminum piece. It serves as a single sensible interface for almost every device and appliance in your home, and has four antennas that help remote control communicate via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Thread, and Z-Wave.


The LG SMART THINQ appliances have been especially designed to give home automation altogether a new definition of comfort, safety and convenience. LG HomeChat is one feature that allows users to interact with the appliances in the most effective and effortless way like never before.

All you need to do is to send an instant message to LG HomeChat using your Smartphone app and you are all set to control and communicate with the appliances in your home remotely. The Smart Diagnosis is another feature in LG SMART THINQ appliances that help users to troubleshoot troubles quickly and effectively. Yet another feature is the Smart Grid technology that enables all appliances to operate at lower energy rates.


Here come CLOGK and GKILO, two smart kitchen gadgets from the house of an Italian studio THINGK. The CLOGK is a slanted hunk of wood that works like a timer and clock as well. GKILO is a sleek chopping board like device that is actually a clock and a scale. Both the kitchen gadgets are simple in design and in operation, as they operate based on touch, voice, and gesture.

Simply flip GKILO upside down to transform it into a clock from a scale. On the other hand, touch the sides of CLOGK and the timer starts. Both the smart devices connect through an app and help you cook in your kitchen in a smart way. For instance, you use GKILO to weigh steak that you are about to make, and the CLOGK suggests you the time required to cook steak.

Recent home automation innovations are all the more impressive and unique. They all aim to simplify our lives and offer us utmost comfort and convenience.

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