Maximize efficiency with a coffee table converted to a workstation

Most of us love to do our work over a cup of coffee, but keeping the focus on work while attending friends or family members on a coffee gathering usually becomes difficult for us. However, new designs are appearing that use creative technology to bridge the gap between a coffee table and workstation. Now, we can sit, chat, have coffee and work altogether at the same coffee table. The new range of furniture integrates a coffee table with a flexible workstation. Check out some creative coffee tables that double as workstations to ease your work.

Convertible coffee table

Convertible coffee table workstation

You may have seen many DIY coffee tables designed to have pop-up workstations built into them, but the convertible coffee table takes the multi-functionality to the next level. The convertible table is a single piece of furniture and you can pull out a workstation whenever you need it. Featuring the workstation at a comfortable height, the table lets you work nicely on top of it.

Liftoff coffee table

Liftoff coffee table by Lofgren

Designed by Lofgren, this DIY coffee table plus workstation is customized to suit the needs of the people who used to work at home. The designer fail to find a coffee table with workstation attached at comfortable height and thus, created his personal table to suit his specific work needs. He just removed the top of his coffee table and replaced it with some hardware and a workstation that pops out when the need arise.

Laptop coffee table

Laptop coffee table by John Strand

Designed by John Strand, this coffee table plus workstation is quite suitable for a smaller space where you cannot place a separate chair and workstation to complete your work. The top of the coffee table lifts up to act as a workstation.

Lavoro coffee table

Designed by Jon Zayat, this coffee table cum workstation is made of recycled plastic. Featuring a comfortable base with a solid black finish, the coffee table comes with aluminum edges that give it a cool and stylish look. Designed to match the looks and feel of any room well, the coffee table will look elegant in contemporary living spaces. You can attach its workstation whenever you need to work on an assignment or office work. The Lavoro coffee table is quite flexible and comfortable to use. The ergonomic design of the table lets users complete their work while enjoying coffee with their friends or family members.

Many designers are coming up DIY coffee tables that come integrated with a workstation. While some of these tables have pop-up workstations, you need to lift others to convert them into a workstation. Still, such tables and workstations are quite convenient.


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