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The stylish green for your home comes in trendy planters

HERBIE Indoor Garden

Grow plants in different corners of your home become difficult because of the lack of sunlight. With innovative planter lamps, now you can think of placing your plants in such places, while using lamps as the source of light. Several designers have been working on creating fresh planters that have lamps installed in or around them. This can give you nature and light at even the dark spots of your home. Here we have listed some of the unique and creative planter lamps to illuminate the dark corners of your home.


Designed by TOKEN, this planter lamp can be placed just anywhere in the house. The planter itself plays the role of a lampshade. To make your home greener, you can add a few small plants of your choice to this planter. In fact, you can also use it on your side tables and add fish or grow aquatic plants in it. Featuring a radical design, the concept lamp is sure to revive your home decor.


The Root presents a marvelous design of a hydroponic garden with a lamp. There is an automated light in this planter and you can grow multiple flowers or vegetables in it. Presenting an easy to maintain watering system, you can easily place the lamp on any table or a solid base. In addition, you can control the intensity of light that the lamp on top emits with an app. Thus, it is a great option for any household that wants to look naturally bright.


With a lamp at the top, AeroGardens give you an amazing option to grow your favorite herbs and plants in your kitchen or living area. This lamp cum planter has an adjustable light, and it can control the levels of nutrients and water as well. The overall structure makes it a nice decorative item for modern homes.

HERBIE Indoor Garden

HERBIE Indoor Garden

Designed by Tregren, HERBIE is a vibrant planter with a lamp. Presenting a rectangular shape, the indoor garden comes with a lamp attached to it from the side. Designed to grow a variety of veggies, flowers and herbs, the indoor garden will look spectacular in small homes.

A variety of cool tabletop lamps and planters are now available together in a single product wherein you can grow your favorite plants and illuminate the dark corners of your home. Such planters and lamps look simply cool and amazing in any room.

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