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The wackiest weapon designs that ever saw the light of the day

German Krupp Kugelpanzer

Over the years, we have seen several state of the art military weapons build by arms manufacturers in different countries, and have lauded them for their efforts. However, military weapons at times do not turn up as they intend to be and appear weird in both design and performance. Here we have listed some weird and wacky military weapons that fail to meet the expectations of the soldiers.

Russian Tsar Tank

Trust the Russians to come up with some bizarre looking military equipment like this Tsar Tank. What can only be described as a tank resting on two mini sized Ferris wheels, the Tsar Tank was purportedly built to mow down enemy infantry. But the problem arose with the giant sized wheels that became easy targets. In addition, the 40-ton tank has a big reverse wheel that is virtually impossible to move on wet terrain.

American XF-85 Goblin

Many experiments were underway to create a huge aircraft that would carry smaller aircrafts in it and drop them over war zones. The US army came up with a mini sized aircraft called the XF-85 Goblin that could be dropped out of the bomb bay of a B-36. While there was no problem in unloading of the Goblin, getting it back onto the B-36 was near to impossible. The small plane did not have a landing gear, making it harder to land on the ground as well.

German Krupp Kugelpanzer

German Krupp Kugelpanzer

Image Source : worldwars.com

Translating to the Ball Tank, the Krupp Kugelpanzer featured a completely closed tank that looked like a giant sized ball fitted with armor and weaponry. The rather small tank had just about enough room for one person had to both maneuver the tank and fire at the enemy. The fact that the Krupp Kugelpanzer did not come with any windows made it difficult for the person to shoot the target.

Russian Antonov A-40

How about a flying tank that could rain missiles on enemy troops on the ground? The Anotonv A-40 is another ingenious design by Russia that featured a tank strapped to a gigantic glider. The design had promise, but had one main hindrance. To make the tank fly, the designers had to strip the tank off its armory and weapons, thus making it useless.

Production of military weaponry has been on the rise over the last couple of decades. However, there have been instances when some countries, in an attempt to beat their rivals, designed completely weird and wacky military weapons.

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