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Travel sickness or more commonly referred to as motion sickness is a common condition in which a person feels nauseous, exhausted, and dizzy due to a disagreement between the brain and the ears, eyes, and nerves when they travel in […]


Every house has some form of energy present in it. When we talk about the overall wellness of a person, it is not limited to the lifestyle he or she leads. It plays a vital role in a person’s life

The majority of homes come with corners that can hardly be used, and thus remain open and disconnected from the rest of the room decor. However, modern contemporary homes require you to utilize every little bit of space in your


<![CDATA[We live in an age and time where choosing eco-friendly measures is a necessity. Living costs are going up by every passing day and that has forced the developers, contractors, decorators and homeowners to consider energy efficient choices wherever possible.

<![CDATA[As you know, with high pollution in the atmosphere and use of more electric products, our environment is in a bad state. Thus it is necessary to use equipment that will help protect environment and conserve energy. One such equipment

<![CDATA[How can windows help? If it is the electricity bills that bother you, consider a change in the window glasses. Just a change from a single glaze to a double glaze reduces the electricity bills drastically. When it is in

<![CDATA[Sometimes when one builds a house, he does it as per the style and requirements of the time. As time advances, climate changes would necessitate certain changes in the room. If these changes are undertaken from time to time, your

<![CDATA[Windows protect us from direct sunlight, hot and cold winds, and even dust, but what are you doing to protect them? Yes, this question may sound little odd but every home decorator needs to find ways to protect the windows,

<![CDATA[Fiberglass is not something new. This has been floating boats as well as adding up to ladders since years. This type of window glass is impervious to heat, cold, water, ultraviolet rays, salt air and insects. The end result naturally

Fiberglass windows

Windows provide us fresh air, look, and a view from within. If not placed properly, house windows nor just mar the looks but also create certain issues. In summers, windows do not let the air in and in winters, they

energy efficiency of existing windows
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