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Replace the windows and make your house energy efficient

<![CDATA[How can windows help?

If it is the electricity bills that bother you, consider a change in the window glasses. Just a change from a single glaze to a double glaze reduces the electricity bills drastically. When it is in fact the clean green path the world’s taking, this meager change will actually allow not just a reduced carbon footprint, but also a home that uses lesser energy and is lighter on the pockets.

Investing in good quality building material is perhaps a one-time. The benefits from it can be reaped every time, for a long time. Energy efficient glazing reduces heat loss, allowing for less consumption of heat to keep the room warm in the colder months.

It also reduces the condensation on the inside of the window significantly. This maintains a comfortable indoor climate. Rise and fall in temperature means the need for installing electronic equipment to regulate. That, in turn means investing twice, once in the material of the doors and windows, and then again on the equipment.

Making use of the natural phenomenon

It is actually important to know how the natural waves flow. While in the summer heat tries to flow inwards towards cooler regions, in the winters, the heat tries to escape, leaving the home colder.

Therefore, it becomes important to choose just the right material that would be effective in both the climate ranges. Having sliding doors and windows makes much of a difference because it creates a kind of insulation barrier between the inside of the house and the outside.

Not only do these make up for a peaceful home, but also the correct glass work can increase the energy efficiency as well.

What is double-glazing?

Basically, it is a combination of two sheets of glass, with a gap that is generally filled with gas. This creates a barrier, in the form of very effective insulation. Using a Low-E (low emissivity) glass lets in the light and the heat, but let’s only sufficient amount of heat out.

Having a good contractor is essential too. The professional know and work well with renovation and can easily make the house energy efficient. Windows and doors are basically the inlets of heat, light, and sound. Increasing their number is good to allow the natural light fill in the house; but at the same time, it is important to use the right building materials that cut down the heat in the summer, and retain the heat in the winter.


The key to making the house energy efficient lies in having well maintained, insulated window panes, as much as in installing the right electronics and electrical equipment.]]>

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