What you should know about portable air conditioners

<![CDATA[With weather conditions turning extreme, air conditioners have become a must-have for every house. While many may be able to afford one air conditioner in their home, installing it for other and every room will be very expensive.  In such cases a portable air conditioner can be very beneficial.

Before buying a portable air conditioner, you should know certain features about it. Not many know much about portable air conditioners but knowing more about it will help you buy a good and efficient one.

A portable AC, like the split AC should be attached to the wall. It has many more benefits than the standard air conditioner. It is portable and thus can be carried anywhere. Maintenance is less or even nil.

Know the BTU

Find out the BTU or the British Thermal Units of the portable air conditioner. Larger the BTU, more is the efficiency of the portable air conditioner.

You choose one as per the size of the room. The store owner should guide you on which one to buy as per the size of your room.

The placement

Portable air conditioners come with a window kit and it can be easily fitted. It vents out hot air and it needs to be exhausted. Keep the placement and exhaust in mind while choosing an air conditioner.


The maintenance of the portable air conditioners depends on the model and brand. Generally, they do not need much maintenance.  Some portable air conditioners will need emptying its drain bucket. The filters might need cleaning and defrosting once in a while. Check the manual to know more.

Check the energy efficiency

Nowadays almost all electrical equipment comes with EER, the Energy Efficient Ratio. Always choose a portable air conditioner that has high EER. It means it is highly energy efficient and will thus consume less energy and that means a reduced electricity bill for you.

Find the noise level:

Portable air conditioners will come with some noise. Before buying compare the noise levels of different brands and choose one that appeal to you.  You can check the decibel levels.

A portable air conditioner is of much use and can be installed and used without much difficulty. Do consider the above points before buying one.  Select one that is of good quality, is energy efficient and preferably from a reputed brand.  Also check the warranty of the product.

Summary:  Portable air conditioners are handy, are easy to use and install, and need very less or no maintenance. Still, there are certain factors you should know before you buy one.]]>

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