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Green Fashion Guide

Socks are incredibly necessary to your wardrobe, just as other articles of clothing. Finding a pair of socks made from organic material is a struggle sometimes. You most likely will not find the socks you are looking for at the […]


Many tend to believe that going green is necessarily not an option when it comes to choosing clothes for your wardrobe. Many are not even aware of where they need to go or what they need to do when it

get hold of a green wardrobe

Do you wish to save money from renewing your wardrobe entirely? There is one simple way to do this and that is by going green. Making your wardrobe eco-friendly will not only save your money, but will also save the

add the touch of green to your wardrobe

Fashion industry is not something that is untouched by the latest eco-friendly drives. It is as conscious about a greener environment as many other operational areas are. Thus, there are several technologies under-trial that are ready to paint the fashion

Silk engineered by yeast

Fashion brands are coming forward to introduce eco-friendly products in the market that would help individuals choose their favorite styles without compromising on comfort or sustainability. Here are 8 such fashion brands that have taken the industry by storm with

Vegan Leather Espadrilles by PETA and M4D3

When it comes to going green, a lot of Hollywood celebrities have already taken the initiative forward by living in eco-friendly homes, wearing eco-friendly clothes and using only eco-friendly makeup products. Here are 7 such celebrities who are helping the

Natalie Portman

A lot of us simply tend to revamp our wardrobe without thinking how it would affect the environment. Filling up your wardrobe with new clothes would only mean no space for the older clothes that would then need to end


Thinking of hitting the beach this summer? Then, here is a wonderful way to do that in the ‘greenest’ way possible. Here are 7 of the best eco-friendly swimwear options you can choose to wear to the beach. In addition

Odina Surf 

A wardrobe is never complete without denims. Whether they be in the form of jeans, jackets, skirts, blazers or even shirts, these denims are a mainstay in any fashionable wardrobe. Although extremely fashionable, denims are not eco-friendly at all, with

Levi Strauss

A lot of health conscious individuals are opting for eco-friendly beauty products in lieu of the health benefits offered by the same. The past few years have seen quite a lot of eco-friendly beauty trends being introduced to help promote

Eco-friendly trends
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