6 Tips for a wardrobe that is more eco-friendly


A lot of us simply tend to revamp our wardrobe without thinking how it would affect the environment. Filling up your wardrobe with new clothes would only mean no space for the older clothes that would then need to end up in the landfills. Most of us are also not that much concerned when it comes to finding out exactly how eco-friendly our clothes are. And so, as a green enthusiast, how would you come to know if the clothes you buy are green or not? How do you know for certain that your shopping activities do not result in an increased carbon footprint? Simple, just read on to find some tips that would help you establish and maintain an eco-friendly wardrobe.

Opt for organic clothing

Another advantage of online shopping is that it would enable you to narrow down your clothing choices to more eco-friendly brands easily. Simply typing ‘organic clothing’, ‘natural fibre clothing’ or ‘recycled clothing’ in the search engine browser would redirect you to plenty of stores that sell organic or recycled clothing. This way, you can be sure that the clothes you buy are indeed organic and eco-friendly.

Buy in bulk

Of course you may argue that this would not be possible when you are shopping for clothes. But consider this. If you are going for a wardrobe revamp, why not buy all the essentials in one go rather than buying them individually. Not only would this help you reduce the carbon footprint related to vehicle emissions, it would also let you save plenty on packaging that would otherwise end up in the landfills.

Take your own eco-friendly shopping bags

Instead of relying on the plastic bags offered in stores, consider taking your own bags for shopping. Also make it a point to ditch the plastic ones and opt for green alternatives like recycled bags or those made of natural materials like jute or cotton.

Reuse old clothing

Before throwing out everything from your wardrobe, take a good look around. There may be a few items which you can recycle and reuse again. For instance, an old T. Shirt can be torn up to create handkerchiefs. An old skirt can be torn up to create a colourful scarf. And an old, worn out pair of jeans can be cut down in size to create a capris that you can wear in your home. So reuse, reuse and reuse until you can reuse no more before throwing out your old clothes.

Consider online shopping

Online shopping is considered to be an excellent eco-friendly way to revamp your wardrobe. While shopping online allows you to enjoy access to many more clothing stores, brands and styles, you can‘t forget the fact that it would minimize the need for you to travel to all these shops in person. Reduced travel would automatically translate to reduced emissions from your vehicle, thus reducing your carbon footprint significantly. So shop online whenever possible and opt to travel to the store only on rare occasions.

Try hand me downs or second hand clothes

You might not like the idea of buying clothes that were previously worn by someone else. However, visit a thrift store that specializes in selling second hand clothes or hand me downs, and you would be amazed by the sheer number of brands, styles and coloured outfits you can choose from. Better yet, most of these stores will feature clothes that were worn just once or twice by celebrities or models. So you stand a high chance of getting a great bargain on these clothes in the process of preventing them from landing up in the dumpster.

If you are thinking of accessorizing your wardrobe, consider doing it in an eco-friendly way. From choosing hand me downs, reusing old clothes and choosing organic clothing to shopping online or taking along your own shopping bags, these are some of the best ways to ensure that your new wardrobe is eco-friendly.

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