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Computer circuits embedded in a transparent bracelet

Computer Circuit Bracelet

Paola Mirai has succeeded in merging fashion with a chunk of modern day technology with her line of bracelets and rings that have computer, keyboard and other circuits embedded inside their translucent frames. The computer circuit bracelets are beautiful creations by the designer that are completely feminine and look extremely attractive with the metallic hues of the circuits that they contain within their frame. Each bracelet is a limited edition as no two are replicated. This transparent artistic bracelets are open on one end, in the shape of a band and hence they can be slipped on easily. These days, like every other thing, jewelery designing is also getting reinvented with a lot of designer putting in their creative geniuses to craft the most impossible and innovative creations. Not only does jewelery serve the main purpose of adorning the wearer, but it also serves a statement – whether it is pro-technology or pro-environment. What you wear is what you are – and this statement seems apt for the computer circuit bracelet as the wearer not only states that he/she is technology-friendly but also cares about the world we live in!

The bangle is an electrifying accessory and probably a must-have for any woman who cannot do without her gadgets in this technological era. The unique form of this bangle makes it very appealing as it looks very modernistic and trendy. The computer circuit bracelets are available in various sizes according to the wrist size of the wearer. Furthermore, the use of old and trashed computer circuits also make this bracelet a very Eco-friendly proposition. This piece of chunky jewelery recycles the non-biodegradable components of a computer and breathes new life into them. Not only do the computer circuits spare the landfills of overfilling, but the new makeover itself gives them a very attractive look. Paola Mirai from Italy has crafted these bracelets not only in the capacity of a jewelery designer but has sought to make a statement with these bracelets. Hence, the futuristic jewelery created out of technological waste serves a very symbolic purpose. The Circuit band is a very futuristic and trendy accessory that would be on any lady’s wishlist. Furthermore, the Eco-friendly aspect of this adornment enhances the appeal of it altogether.

The Computer Circuit Bracelet not only would make a solid fashion statement, but would also be an ideal present for your near and dear ones.

Via: Paola Mirai

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