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Green Gifts: Best recycled jewelry for eco fashionistas

Jewellery has always been considered by women for enhancing their beauty. It may be diamonds, gold or platinum the list is end less. They are beautiful with variety of designs and style, but are also expensive. Indulging in recycled jewellery has been a craze among modern fashionistas. The whole idea behind using recycled jewellery is to conserve the earth thereby creating something very unique and stylish. Recycling material scraps is an eco-friendly initiative.

Best recycled jewelry

By recycling old stuffs we avoid landfills. Old newspapers, wires, scraps etc. can be utilized for making really beautiful and funky jewellery. In this way you not only spend less but also in a way support the eco friendly initiative. Listed below are some designs made from old and scrap items shaped as recycled jewellery.

1. Recycled Telephone Wire Earrings

Recycled Telephone Wire Earrings

This earring is made with beads and wires of old recycled telephone wires. Looks great when teamed with western outfits.

Price: $8

Supplier: Vagabond van

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2. Recycled Newspaper Circular Pendant

Recycled Newspaper Circular Pendant

If you want to have a nice funky necklace to go with your jeans or tunic, then this beaded necklace with a pendant would be an ideal option. This circular pendant is made using genuine recycled newspaper and also using multi colored beads to give it a very colorful and stylish look. This would really be a unique addition to your pendant collection. Each pendant looks unique in its own way. The metal used is silver plated.

Price: $10

Supplier: Jiggy kids

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3. Recycled Glass Necklace

Recycled Glass Necklace

This recycled glass necklace is made with individual glass beads thereby making it a lovely piece. This piece is made in Cornwall and draws inspiration by the colors of sea glass. This piece is created using leftover pieces of glass. The broken glasses are either melted or crushed to create this piece.

Price: 20$

Supplier: Eden project

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4. Silver-plated heart and paper beads necklace

Silver-plated heart and paper beads necklace

This necklace is made from handcrafted beads and glass seed beads and hematite. The heart is silver-plated. The ribbon used is red organza. The length is about 45cm and looks really good when teamed with spaghetti or bohemian styled dresses. The paper used is recycled and are attached using glue. Ideal for a gift option.

Price: $26

Supplier: Dawanda

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5. Recycled Jewellery Glass Earrings

Recycled Jewelry Glass Earrings

This pair of recycled jewellery is much lighter in weight and looks unique. The silver tone cage is made to hold a few numbers of vintage ice blue from Mason Jar.

Price: $27

Supplier: Our green house

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6. Recycled Jewelry Pearl Necklace

Recycled Jewelry Pearl Necklace

This pearl necklace has spikes that are made up of ivory and are attached to a gold disk (approximately 2 inches in diameter). You can try wearing this necklace in many ways. You can wear fashioned the chain with matching it either long or wear it short. There are small ivory pearls along the chain and get finished with a vintage ivory tear drop.

Price: 28$

Supplier: Etsy

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7. Bookworm Typewriter Key Bracelet

Bookworm Typewriter Key Bracelet

This bracelet is made up of typewriter keys. As it is made of black and creamy yellow typewriter keys, it’s named as bookworm. If you love books and want to show that you are a perfect for the reader, and then flaunt this bracelet on your wrist. The keys are original and are removed carefully from typewriters.

Price: $40

Supplier: Etsy

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8. Copper wire and sea sediment jasper set

copper wire and sea sediment jasper set

A unique piece to make others head turn. The copper wire used in this earring piece is taken out from old television, coiled around a pencil and made by adding some beads. The beads are made up of sea sediment jasper (one of the most beautiful gemstones), giving it the status of a really delicate piece. The copper wire however is strong and is made by using many threads together. If by wearing you feel that the copper is losing its shape then you just have to coil the wire around a pencil to recreate the shape. The hook used for hanging the earring is of 9 carat gold.

Price: $44

Supplier: Dawanda

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9. KEY to my HEART necklace

KEY to my HEART necklace

This piece is created by using all sorts of vintage and recycled jewelry. The jeweleries used here is an earring, a brooch, a lovely chain white and pink crystals. The piece located at the bottom has a key with beautiful flowers and a tiny pink bird. If you are going out for an evening dinner and wish to wear a gown or long tunic, wear this along with your outfit.

Price: $45

Supplier: Etsy

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10. Bracelet of recycled jewelry

This recycled jewelry bracelet is made from a silver tone recycled chain. The glass beads used are also recycled. An original silver tone toggle clasp is provided to clasp the bracelet. The beads used here are snowy white, with some patterns and look very clear. If you wish you can think of adding another toggle ring to lengthen the basket.

Price: $72

Supplier: Etsy

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