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Developing technologies promises endless possibilities in the future. For filmmakers, this is one of the most interesting subjects wherein they either create technology-based extraordinary creatures, superheroes and explore territories on and outside Earth. Recent Articles:

The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

It was David Bowie who set the ball rolling when it came to removal of gender stereotypes. He has literally been every kind of gender and race and he was a huge inspiration for the LGBT community. The unashamed display

Angel Haze

<![CDATA[Visiting conventional art or history museums become boring at times. People want to go off beat and see something weird or uncommon. Here are some interesting museums to visit, just to cut the monotony.

Museum of Witchcraft, Cornwall

<![CDATA[The world as we know it today has undergone massive transformations over the centuries. While this has led to the rise of new cities, countries and even continents, it has also led to entire cities disappearing and many more mysteries

Pre-Historic asian cave drawings

<![CDATA[Some mysteries remain unsolved for centuries no matter how hard we try to unravel them. Here are 5 such mysteries that will leave you baffled for sure. These are in fact some of the most mysterious places on earth. And

Kongka La Pass

Celebs being public figures need to look good and stay in style no matter what. Celebs are the people who start some trend and everybody likes to follow it. While some celebs are quite stylish and carry off what they

Cyndi Lauper

<![CDATA[Celebrities do everything differently; probably this is what makes them stand out of the crowd. Doing things differently is good but to make things weird is not. Some celebrities trying to make it the unique and attractive ended up fiving


<![CDATA[The name medical emergency is quite serious and frightening, and we all pray to god to save us from any kind of medical illness. However, some emergencies are not that serious but weird and sometimes funny as well. Scroll through

fractured penis

Le déjeuner sur l’herbe (The Luncheon on the Grass) by Edouard Manet The factor that managed to attract so much of controversy in this painting is nudity. Well, it is not the only painting that has nudity portrayed in it,

The Gross Clinic by Thomas Eakins

Death really comes in different shapes and sizes. You never even get to know when the last moment knocks on the door. Let us have a look at a few of those deaths that came when they expected it the

Adolf Frederick The king who ate himself to death
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