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<![CDATA[How would you react to a situation that comes along with a lot of fun and risk to your life? Here is the list of a few sports that can give you shivers even at a mere thought. Recent Articles:

<![CDATA[Strange incidences take place all over the world that are beyond your imagination and logical thinking. Let us have a look at some of these jaw drooping stories.

<![CDATA[Getting married comes along with a baggage of responsibilities but sometimes this could land you in surprising situations. Have a look at the famous Hollywood celebrities who got married many times, perhaps looking for the ideal one.

<![CDATA[Even after a great advancement in the technology in many ways, the kind of romance books can arouse in us is unmatched. Let us have look at top seven romantic adult books which can make you relive and experience those

The truth about forever (Sarah Dessen)

<![CDATA[If you ever wanted convincing that you need a dog here it is – 19 reasons that you simply can’t go on any longer without a dog in your life. 1 –You’ll have the perfect hide and seek partner. As

<![CDATA[USA, known to house the greatest of the amusement and theme parks of the world naturally boasts of the most incredible, heart stopping, one-of-a-kind rides that the entire world queues up to get a ride on! Given below are the

<![CDATA[ Throughout history, there have been many women whose wedding fashion has inspired many brides from their generation to style themselves a certain way for their own big days. Here are the most iconic wedding gowns that we have ever

The year 2004 came with another weird and shocking movie which was called ‘Garfield’ and calling it an eccentric adaptation would not be wrong. Garfield as the name suggests was loosely based on the very famous cartoon character by the

Exciting Scuba Diving Spots

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