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<![CDATA[Who thought that bridges could ever be so elegant in shape, dimension and formation? These awesome bridges around the world give you an eternal experience even without crossing them over since they give you feel of a magical journey. Recent […]

<![CDATA[Our Hollywood celebrities are not far behind in getting plastic surgeries to renew their looks and to look younger, though there are many who end up getting a strange or unnatural look. However, nothing matters actually, as long as our

Janice Dickinson

<![CDATA[Some dreams become part of our lives since they give us a hope or take us to a dream world where we can expect the unexpected. Some such characters have been there for a long time and arouse considerable interest.


<![CDATA[Who knew it would be so painful to call yourself a man? “It ain’t the facial hair but the dare.” Let us have a look at strange customs to initiate and celebrate the manhood all over the world.

<![CDATA[People have always been crazy for beauty and fashion. They even knew that it would come at a price and they never stepped back. People really used to go nuts taking part in some such rituals that made them look

<![CDATA[Fans love and admire their favorite Hollywood celebrities. Theses celebrities, in turn contribute enough to bring about a change in society. Their efforts, though sometimes weird ways to contribute, keep them in them in the good books of their fans.

Khloe Kardashian

<![CDATA[ You call it an illusion or magic or give it some other name but it would leave you astonished. You would agree with the fact that magicians all over the world really have something extra that amazes their audience.

<![CDATA[They say that you have to go through a lot of suffering and pain to get the one you love and this certainly is true. People all around the world follow different customs to and traditions to get married. Some

<![CDATA[Our Hollywood celebrities never disappoint their fans by their public appearances. However, there are times when their public display of affection goes haywire. Their fans keep expecting them to behave, not all actually, though these celebrities hardly bother what brings

<![CDATA[Some of the festivals demand you to get all dirty and the thing that makes it crazier is that people love to get involved. Spain, no doubt, is one such country that is the origin land of so many strange

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