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Considering how many brands sell baby formulas nowadays, choosing the most beneficial one could be quite a daunting task as a parent. However, it’s a known fact that a great number of parents are going for the European Baby Formulas […]

European Baby Formulas

The internet has its own pros and cons just as everything else does. The internet is an amazing invention that has solved many issues and has even provided a means of earning their bread and butter to many. Having said


As times are advancing, kids are becoming more exposed to health hazards. A parent can never be sure if their teenagers are at safe distance from drugs, alcohol, or the likes. Teenagers, who can very well be classified as kids,


With just the name of the word exam, people go into stress and a fear of studies. It happens with children during their exam fever, and on that time, their most important stress busters are their parents. Emotionally and mentally,

Exam fever

Parents are a vital part of a kid’s life. Often parents find themselves at a loss when within a year or two their little munchkins develop into young adults with strong opinions. Teenagers are not easily tackled. They are heavily

Teenager with her mom

Parents play a very important role in shaping the character and future of a child. The responsibility of building good habits and ethical values in children lies on the shoulders of the parents. Not all parents are equally adept at

choose the parenting style carefully

It has been proved that kids perform better in school when parents are involved in their education. Besides, they are better behaved, grow up more successful and also have positive attitudes towards their school. Right from improved grades to better

involve parents in school activities

A catastrophe mainly school violence, terrorism, war or natural disasters can be very frightening for your child. Thus, it is your responsibility as parents to talk with them regarding their fears, what led to the trauma and likewise validate their

parenting tips to help traumatized children

The term helicopter parenting refers to parents who indulge in the habit of over-parenting. These parents are generally accused of being too obsessed with their child’s safety, extracurricular activities, education and other aspects governing their child’s life. This term came

negatives of helicopter parenting

It is just sufficient in making any parent pause. Teen years—often regarded as irresponsible and rebellious is a difficult stage that you as parents have to pass through while raising your kid into adulthood. In fact, confident parents too are

parenting tips for the turbulent teen years
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