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Four golden parenting tips to help traumatized children

A catastrophe mainly school violence, terrorism, war or natural disasters can be very frightening for your child. Thus, it is your responsibility as parents to talk with them regarding their fears, what led to the trauma and likewise validate their fears. Your children are largely dependent on you for helping them deal with their emotion both during and after any traumatic event.  

Often the very thought of helping children suffering from trauma is critical. However, below are four incredible ways, which you as parents can adopt to help your child recover from this painful situation.

Be a patient listener:

If you face a situation where your child is unwilling to speak about what exactly they have gone through, as parents, you should never force them. Instead, give them time to open up themselves.

Resting on the age of your child, they may not require you to respond. On the contrary, if he/she is willing to discuss, be prepared and patient to listen. As discussion is a key to the healing process. Allow your little one to express freely how they feel in their own respective way. You should listen and not judge. At the most, you can assure your child that they are not responsible for whatever has taken place and that you are always beside them for support.

Provide structure:

Traumatized children often face problems with attachment. If your child has attachment problems, change is indeed difficult. Thus, routine and structure plays an important role.

You should establish a time for your child to wake up, go to bed and everything taking place in between is vital for your child. Also, as responsible parents, it is highly imperative on your end to make your child aware ahead of time about the change in schedule.

Be observant and know the signs:

A child who is a victim of any form of trauma often shows sudden and extreme changes in behaviour. Thus, if you are either an adoptive or a foster parent, you may be unaware of the fact that the behaviour of your child has changed. Thus, it is vital for you to listen when he/she speaks up and also be observant of each of the behaviour especially when it appears your child is acting out. In an effort for determining the cause, notice what had taken place before, at the time and post negative behaviour.

Create a healing atmosphere:

Children of neglect or abuse have a higher need to feel cared for, safe and secure. The sense of protection here is crucial. Thus, it is vital for you as a responsible parent to help your little one feel safe and loved. It is important that you comfort, nurture and appropriately love your child, as they need being loved unconditionally.


Children who generally lack support post a traumatic event is likely to suffer more compared to those who get support from their family members. Thus, as parents you should be extremely cautious.


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