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Ideal methods of gathering rainwater

To conserve water and being environmentally friendly, we must collect rainwater and using it for various purposes in the house. With the decrease in water year by year the world over; collecting rainwater has become an outstanding method of being kind to our Mother Earth along with being environmentally responsible. Below are a few suitable methods for collecting rainwater.

Rainwater collection system:

A great way to collect rainwater is by installing an effective rainwater collection system that comprises of huge tanks, which are underground. During rainfall, the water gets directed towards the tanks and when this water requires to be utilized, there is a pump and a filter which pumps out the water for your needs. Such a collection system however is pricier and you will have to take the help of a professional for its installation.

Rain barrels:

Using rain barrels for collecting rainwater certainly is the most popular. You can find rain barrels easily at local home improvement stores, online web portals or you can even construct it on your own. These are generally made of plastic and are available in varied sizes. During heavy rainfall, you can opt for large rain barrels and always ensure that these barrels have a cover on top for keeping animals, insects and children out.

For best results, place these barrels below the down sprout on your gutter, as this will ensure that water run-offs from your roof gets inside your rain barrels. A great thing about such barrels is these comprise of a sprout towards the bottom for letting the rainwater flow out.

Other collectors:

You can also naturally collect rainwater via using things that are already present in your abode such as watering cans, children’s swimming pool or buckets. Simply allow these in filling up with rainwater. Try using this water within a brief time span as mosquitoes and flies are likely to breed if the water is kept open for too long.


Collection of rainwater through natural means is a great idea for using free water, which simply falls down from the sky. This method is highly resourceful. By collecting rainwater, you can prevent soil erosion to a great deal. This will benefit you as well as your surrounding environment alike. So explore these easy ways for making the most of rainwater, the free natural resource.


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