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Give your home sophisticated feel with innovative glass products  

Glass products, namely splash back panels, shower doors and shower screens among others are becoming all the more popular in modern homes. These products serve the twin purpose of practicality and aesthetics, and thus work wonders to revamp any room in your house. Using glass products is always in. Today several homeowners are choosing sliding doors, glass tables, windows, mirrors and several other products to make their home look sophisticated. Glass products are available in plenty. However, some of the most favoured includes:

  • Splash backs:

These are glass panels that are designed for protecting the work surfaces in your kitchen as well as the walls from cooking fat or water. You can wipe easily it with a cloth and it is accessible in variegated colors and shapes, so that you can pick one that best complements your present kitchen’s decor.

  • Shower screens:

This will offer an enclosure for shower areas and protecting the floor against water. When it comes to glass shower screens, you can opt for either clear glass screen, frosted or glass tinted for more privacy.

  • Mirrors:

This will help in adding a focal point to any of your room thereby making it appear larger. You can purchase mirrors in different styles, sizes and shapes. Besides, you can have a mirror to fit on the front portion of your bathroom wardrobe or cabinet.

  • Wardrobes:

Wardrobes made of glass will help to add a modern and luxurious look especially in your bedroom. Here the glass may be clear for enabling you in viewing the contents present in your wardrobe easily or this can also be of a special design or frosted. Besides, you can go for full-length mirror that is fixed on the front portion of your wardrobe.

  • Glass fencing:

You can utilize it in the outdoor areas, especially when you require in sectioning off an area from another. Here the glass is enforced for making it durable and extra strong.

Key attributes of glass products

Glass products are becoming every customer’s favourite owing to its special attributes such as:

  • Stability:

The delicate glass interiors made of glass are more durable compared to furniture made of other materials. Wood, for instance, may get damaged easily owing to its frequent contact to damp environments. Besides, wood over time changes its hue and tends in losing its lustre whereas glass remains shiny.

  • Transparency:

Glass furniture possess the ability of reflecting light much more effectively

  • Resistance to fire and water:

Glass is safer compared to other materials like wood as it is fireproof and water-resistant.

  • Recyclability:

Glass products can be recycled easily and also reproduced

  • Easy maintenance:

This material is easy and simple to maintain. All you need to do is spray each surface and softly wipe the spots out. You can clean glass products easily and effectively.


Glass can turn out to be a truly stylish element provided you integrate it properly in your dwelling. With a little research coupled with your imagination, you can make your sweet home a pleasant place for both yourself as well as your visitors.

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