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<![CDATA[A kitchen is not only a place to cook for some people, but also a place where they spend most of their time. This explains why some people spend a huge part of their budget on kitchen remodeling. Kitchen remodeling […]

Materials that feature prominently in your kitchen remodel

For those who believe in planting early, raised bed gardening is a good option. Moreover, it allows the garden to grow without any stones. The soil in raised bed gardening is more fluffy and nobody walks on it.

raised bed gardening

Introducing art to modern architecture, artist Roger Dean has come up with an artistic home called the “Home for Life” that presents a Mushroom-like structure to attract the attention. Featuring an organic shape, the futuristic architecture is not only aesthetically

Now, this is entirely going to change the way we see and experience colors. Enter Active True Colour from the house of Versatile, a dynamic surface material technology that allows countless and instant changes in color, design and pattern. That

Cal Flame, a division of Cal Spas, has recently taken wraps off the new R-Elements Conceptat the annual HPBExpo in Orlando, Florida. The Cal Flame R-Elements combines a Cal Spas hot tub and a four piece galvanized steel fire pit

A good night’s sleep is so important. Earlier, we have seen some of the most amazing high tech luxury beds that promise the utmost in relaxation and guarantee a sound sleep. Enter Sleep Dome by product designer Brandon Champney, which

When a team of students at the Alberta College of Art and Design was asked to create something using a 2L plastic soda bottle that generates social or economic value, “Nature Calls” was born. Nature Calls is a refillable, waterproof

Rising sea levels are changing lives and threatening land suitable for agriculture. Growing enough crops to meet the demands of ever-growing population will be a major challenge when we would not be having land for agriculture. A team of designers

Built by carpenter Derek Diedricksen as a micro cabin and office, the tiny Gypsy Junker house measures a mere 32 sq. ft with a roof that is around 5ft 10inches high. Derek has built this tiny cabin from shipping pallets,

Walker Audio, the company specializing in high-end audio components and audio and video accessories, has lately taken wraps of its new Proscenium Black Diamond V turntable that will set you back a hefty $105,000. If you think that the best

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