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Salone del Mobile 2013: Ron Arad to present Active True Colour by Versatile

Now, this is entirely going to change the way we see and experience colors. Enter Active True Colour from the house of Versatile, a dynamic surface material technology that allows countless and instant changes in color, design and pattern. That means you could change the color of your kitchen marble from white to gold or change the color of your entire office walls.  With the Active True Colour, no surface will be static anymore. Instead, one can change the color or pattern to suit the mood, tone, season or the setting.

Israeli industrial designer, artist and architect Ron Arad will be presenting the first Active True Colour piece at the Salone del Mobile in Milan (April 9-14, 2013). It’s an integrated color-changing workstation, which comprises of a desk, shelves and wall. Active True Colour is capable of creating an infinite spectrum of original designs, natural colors, patterns and finishes that can be used for any surface, be it your home/ office walls, flooring or the furniture pieces. It reflects the ambient light just like the natural color. In the beginning, Versatile will collaborate with some of the world’s most famous designers, architects and real estate developers.

At the heart of Active True Colour technology is the organic chemistry.  The colored layer of Active True Colour features a fluid that is held between transparent sheets that can selectively reflect a range of colors. The colors can change instantly or fade by applying pulses of electricity to the fluid film. There is no need for artificial lighting and once the color is there, you need no further power to maintain the natural color.

Ron Arad will showcase the Active True Colour integrated color-changing workstation within his new project “No Bad Colours” inside the Salone Ufficio Pavilion. The concept sounds totally great, however, it was so eye-straining to read the press release with changing colors in the background.

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