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Japanese interior design and decor ideas

Simplicity, minimalism and the natural materials are the key elements of Japanese interior design. With a clear understanding of the basic principles of Japanese interior design, homeowners can easily give their home design and décor a Japanese makeover. Open floor plans, use of natural materials and neutral colors, and creating a balance between colors, accessories and furniture units can help you have modern and minimalist Japanese interior design for your home. Japanese interior design aims to maintain a perfect balance between the “ying” and “yang” of life. Here are some easy interior design and decor ideas for homeowners who love minimalist looks and wish to bring Japanese inspiration into their homes.

  • Minimalism and Simplicity:

If you love open spaces and minimalist décor, the Japanese interior design is of your interest. Japanese interior style has its focus on simplicity and clutter-free open spaces. This style suggests to use less furniture units as possible in order to avoid the clutter while still highlighting the overall design theme elegantly. The furniture units could be multifunctional. Instead of going for too much of decorative elements, homeowners can go for the Japanese style decorative accessories like a poetry set or a bamboo painting. When the same thing is done throughout the house, the overall simplicity will become a part of an elegant and inviting design.

  • Natural materials:

Japanese interior design suggests use of natural materials such as bamboo, timber framed carpentry, and dark metals such as iron and rock. Whether it’s you kitchen, living room, bathroom or the outer façade, try to use natural materials throughout you home to achieve a true Japanese style design and décor. While Japanese interior design is characterized nowadays by black lacquer furniture, homeowners can also go for light color natural finishes. Normally used fabrics are silk and cotton, and one should avoid synthetics unless necessary.

  • Importance of colors:

While neutral colors like off-white and beige are primarily associated with Japanese interior design, one can also go for hints of vibrant colors. Another common color used in Japanese homes is green as described in the Zen style and it signifies nature. If you wish to go for some bright color, choose only one color like Chinese red and get some accessories featuring the same color. Japanese style home design and decor aim to make inhabitants feel close to nature.

  • Japanese décor:

To create a true Japanese interior, you can use different Japanese décor accessories and elements throughout the home. Options include traditional Tatami mats, Rice paper screens (Shoji), sliding doors, small display areas (Tokonoma) and carved wood pieces (Ranma). Whether it’s the furniture or the décor items, make sure that there is no clutter inside the home.


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