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Parenting a young child can be one of the toughest things in the world. It can be particularly tough to rear a little toddler. Toddlers are often in the middle of their most difficult and unpredictable childhood phases. Parents don’t […]

Feed Your Toddler a Nutritious Diet

Being a parent isn’t a cake walk, especially when your baby has just set foot into the world, and you have just been introduced to parenthood. It is a new experience in itself which is lovely and undeniable. A single

Parenting is never an easy task. In between feeds and nappy changes, there are a whole lot of tasks that go into raising kids. And a recent study has revealed that parenting as a whole tends to be more stressful

parenting a more stressful task for mothers

If you are a parent who feels that traditional way of scolding and punishing kids is best, think again. These traditional methods can have a detrimental effect on these young minds.

wrongs of the traditional way of parenting

Today, we are at the pinnacle of age of technology and our children are no less that a robot with knowledge and tools that we didn’t had when we were their age. With such advanced technology and such great and

Parenting in the cyber age

Like many other aspects and qualities that parents instill in their children since childhood, several parents find teaching spirituality an important subject. Spirituality plays a very important part in our lives. It is one thing that helps us deal well

nurture spirituality in kids

Raising a child for a single parent is tough, and it is even tougher when it comes to a single dad rearing a girl child. Sometimes single dads find it very difficult to bring up their daughter, as they find

single dad to make raising daughter

Under normal circumstances, children love making friends and hanging out with them whenever possible. Every new toy or thing they get, they just cannot wait to catch up with their friends and flaunt their new belongings. Children make friends at

shy child

The list seems to be endless when it comes to the things that haunt children. Their fears can vary from the major ones to some that seem baseless to elders. Children can be afraid of anything like the darkness, loud

Helping your children get over their fears

Coping skills are very important for a healthy development of a child. Every parent tries to put in best of the efforts to ensure that their child does well in school, mixes up well with other children, has good concentration

Putting kids to bed on time
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