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Some wrongs of the traditional way of parenting that you should right

If you are a parent who feels that traditional way of scolding and punishing kids is best, think again. These traditional methods can have a detrimental effect on these young minds.

Understanding traditional form of parenting

Whenever your child misbehaves or acts stubborn you as a parent will blast your child or will treat your child to “reward punishment”. In reward punishment, you threaten your child to take away something that he or she likes. Some parents instead of yelling prefer to bribe their children. However, parents must understand that this traditional form of parenting can have severe damaging effects on your child’s psyche.

The damaging effect of traditional parenting

Children do not develop a bonding

  • Children do not develop a bonding with their parents

When parents are constantly, yelling and punishing their children in order to discipline they are actually creating a wall between them and their children. Tender minds of kids start feeling repulsive and move away from their parents. That emotional bonding and attachment that is needed in parent child relationship will not develop.

  • Psychological problems

Childrenraised in an environment where reward punishment is dominant, risk developing psychological problems when they grow up. They are unable to manage stress and tend to be anxious. Their confidence level also gets affected. There is a fair chance that these kids may even go into depression.

  • Adults with a negative attitude

When your child grows up in the shadow of fear and terror then he or she may grow to be adults with a negative attitude. In worst cases they may even resort to criminal activities and can turn out to be harmful citizens for the society

The solution

way of parenting (2)

Making children disciplined is a must but there needs to be a change in the approach. If as a parent, you are not able to keep control on your anger then just keep out of the situation for some time. Think about the cause due to which your child is behaving in a particular way and try to address the cause.

Speak to your child in a stern but compassionate way and make him or her understand that his or her behavior is inappropriate. At the same time, you need to make sure that you are not too permissive because then your children may take you for granted. Patience and striking a proper balance between strictness and leniency is the key.

For the all round positive development of children, it is important for parents to avoid traditional ways of parenting. They have to learn to manage children compassionately.


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