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Handling a threenager or a three year old is not a cakewalk; kids of this age can be really good manipulators. Their sweet looks and expression, endless shower of love, kisses and hugs can easily make their parent slip away. […]

A smart home has gadgets for every room bathrooms are no exception. We spend a lot of time in the bathrooms every day and equipping them with high-tech gadgets makes sense.

Waterpebble is a smart programmable gadget

Every one of us would want to visit a spa now and then in order to get some much needed relaxation and rejuvenation in this stress filled world. However, visiting a spa frequently is out of the question and can


The bathroom is sadly, one of those places in the house that experiences the maximum water wastage. Conventional bathroom designs are also not that environmentally friendly, and usually consist of poorly ventilated and dim lit rooms, slippery showers and toilet

eco-friendly flooring options

<![CDATA[If you live in a country where you have to face extreme weather conditions, and you luckily happen to have a small shed in your backyard, then converting it into a wooden bathhouse is the right thing to do. Wooden


<![CDATA[Grout, its properties and benefits Grout is a powder that comes in different colors and it is used to fill the spaces between tiles. Grouting is an important process because it gives the perfect finishing to tiles and also it

grout for bathroom and kitchen tiles

<![CDATA[In today’s world of technological advancement, working pattern and lifestyle of every individual has changed dramatically and the world itself has become a global village. On one hand, this technological superiority is undoubtedly making peoples’ lives more comfortable however, on

A bathroom shower stall is available in variegated stylish designs to cater bathrooms of every theme and size. For all those planning of revamping their bathroom, installing a bathroom shower stall is a wonderful way in giving the entire room

Bathroom shower stalls

According to the ancient Chinese art called feng shui natural energy flows throughout the homes and offices we build. If the architecture and decoration of your home is inappropriate then it may prevent the flow of energy. The natural energy

Feng Shui your bathroom

Shower screen have a very practical use, they keep the water from spilling all over your bathroom floor and/or toilet (in case of bathrooms with attached toilets) and making it wet when you are in shower. They are generally made

shower screen to decorate your bathroom
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