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Using shower screen to decorate your bathroom

shower screen to decorate your bathroom

Shower screen have a very practical use, they keep the water from spilling all over your bathroom floor and/or toilet (in case of bathrooms with attached toilets) and making it wet when you are in shower. They are generally made of plastic and come in beautiful designs that enhance your bathroom interiors. Also, they provide added privacy within the bathroom, so if you forgot to lock the door, no one can peek!

Shower screen pre-requisites

It has become essential to have a separate space designated for the shower these days as the bathroom today includes the toilet and the washbasin. If you have a spacious bathroom then it would still be possible to keep parts of the bathroom dry while the shower is running, however, in mostly this is not the case. To avoid a messy bathroom with soap sides flying around, water sprinkle on the toilet seat or a puddle around the washbasin, placing a shower screen is a practical idea.

Shower screen – making the right choice

Along with utility, aesthetics and design are extremely important for choosing an appropriate shower screen. Keeping this in mind, manufacturers are really applying their grey cells to deliver exquisite products for screening the shower. They come in refreshing colors that will leave you as fresh as your shower and protect the rest of the bathroom from getting wet unnecessarily. You can opt for shower curtains, which require installation of a rod around the shower area or install sliding doors to make the shower area into a tiny room in it.

Shower curtains and sliding doors

Shower curtains, themselves is inexpensive option, though not very durable, however, you must first install rods for the shower curtain to hang on. A disadvantage of shower curtains is that they will not cover the floor completely, so the water escapes from underneath the curtain. You can install shower curtain around a bathtub or if the shower area floor is elevated. Sliding doors for the shower area require the frame to be installed to fit the doors in. you can install this frame on one side of the bathtub or make it a small cabin or room. For large showers, framed shower screen are apt while for small or medium sized bathrooms, semi-framed or frameless screens will be perfect.


Shower screen as long lasting, low-maintenance and can be cleaned easily using liquid gel and scrubber. They are highly effective in containing the water within the shower area when showering.

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