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How to be a good parent and avoid abusing your children

be a good parent

Parenting does not only take a lot of hard work but it also takes imagination, creativity and discipline. There is nothing like an ideal parenting style. Different parenting methods work in different environment. The most necessary thing that all parents should try is extending emotional support and guidance to their kids. Children are like soft mud and you can easily give them a desired shape. They will imbibe your good nature and qualities.

If you cannot be a role model to your kids then they may not grow up to be good human beings. Some parents who do not know the appropriate parenting methods abuse their children unwittingly and spoil them. Some people are unable to extend their love and care to their children because they are abusive by nature. Not just adoptive parents but also the biological parents may abuse children. They are insensitive to a child’s needs and try to dominate them violently.

Psychologists think that parents abuse their children due to their ignorance. No one is born a good parent. People have to learn hand on to become a good parent. Some parents are not aware about the effect of their behavior on their children. Children are soft hearted and innocent.

They need your tender love and care for healthy overall development. A child needs proper nutrition for physical development and in the same way; they need emotional support for being emotionally stronger. When you abuse them, they become shy and introverted. Their people skills do not develop and they do not have self-confidence.

Parents abuse kids when they do not grow up in the same pace as other kids they know. The parents need to understand that the pace of growth varies from one child to another. Scolding them and comparing them nonstop will not help their growth instead stunt their mental development. Do not let your dreams become your child’s burden.

Like you, they too have the right to dream on their own. You should not force them to pursue a career that they do not like. If you try to stop your kid from every new experience and expect them to oblige smilingly whenever you order them something you are making a bad mistake. Let them explore the boundaries of their personality and help them make right choices without forcing your decisions on them.


Child abuse is a result of ignorance and insensitivity of the adults. A parent can shape his or her child’s future. If they are not cautious about their parenting style, the shape they create may not be pleasing.

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